For about a year, I had been enjoying the Kindle app for my PC netbook. There’s a wealth of free or very low-cost material out there for the taking. Some from Amazon, some from Project Gutenberg, even Baen Books were offering some free books to get you interested in their writers.

Last December my parents gave me a Kindle Paperwhite and I have nothing but praise for it. It’s no heavier than a paperback book, the touch screen works well, I can hold and turn pages with one hand, and it’s a terrific way to pass the time when sitting in the waiting room of the Dentist, or car repair shop, or laying on your back on the couch to read. On that latter, it’s much better than holding a netbook. Battery life is excellent; about 15 hours or more depending on how bright your background setting is. Moving content to it that you download from websites is a snap.

Okay, an anecdote: Last night I was browsing the shelves of my dead-tree collection of books and came across an astronomy book, Planets of Rock and Ice, by Clark Chapman, that I had bought in 1982. I thought I’d give it another read (it’s been 30+ years) and lay on my back on the couch. Now, this is a hardcover, though not a large one. Still! What a pain trying to hold the book, keep it open, turn pages, etc. The spine was still fairly stiff (30-years unopened) and two hands were really needed. Suddenly, reading an actual, physical book as a chore. I gave up and went back to my Kindle to finish an anthology I was reading.

I’ve been lax in posting book reviews but will rectify that shortly. I’ve read quite a bit of stuff over the past months but have been lazy about writing them up.