Remember the song in (I think it was) My Fair Lady, that went something like, “Why can’t a woman . . . be more like a man?” Well, because most men would prefer their women to be more like . . . women.

I get that same sense when reading or hearing alleged ‘conservatives’ and Republican commentators urging the Republican Party to be more moderate on fiscal or constitutional issues — to “co-opt” the Democrats on such things as immigration or gun control or raising taxes.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, alleged ‘conservative’ Peggy Noonan writes:

Republicans make too much of order and discipline. Sometimes a little anarchy is a good thing, a little disorder a sign of creativity and independence of thought. If there are voices within the GOP that are for some part or parts of gun reform it would be good for them—and for the party—to come forward now. I love the Second Amendment and I’m not kidding, but I have to say tens of millions of assault weapons in the hands of gangbangers and unstable young men couldn’t be what the Founders had in mind.

We need a little moderation here, a little give.

Why? Will ‘moderation,’ by banning so called “assault weapons,” remove them from the hands of gang bangers and unstable young men? And, there aren’t tens of millions of gang bangers and unstable young men out there. For all the endless media pumping of a school or movie theater shooting, these instances are rare. Violent crime is statistically down for several years now.

There is plenty of gang violence (not tens of millions of course) but that has more to do with youths looking for the discipline and structure that they aren’t finding at home. “Who’s your daddy?” “How the heck should I know?” Besides, gang bangers still prefer pistols. Easier to conceal. And, you can pass all the gun control laws you want but no respectable punk or gang member is going to rush down to the local police precinct and turn theirs in.

Noonan’s whole piece is like that; Republicans should co-opt Democrats’ ideas. You know, be more like Democrats.

No thanks. I’ve had enough of the Democrats’ liberal policies to last a lifetime.