First, a sorta’ mea culpa. I admit that I have liked N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s style in many posts here in the past. I still do. I have cast doubts about him in regards to gun rights. Bethatasitmay, I have to agree with Glenn Reynolds in his brief post here:

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Top dog in New Jersey and in 2016? [link to a WaPo story] [Glenn then writes:] Christie has some chops, but I think that Republicans are going to take some persuading before they nominate another northeastern governor of dubious conservative bona fides.

Unfortunately, I believe that Biden is right and (hopefully facing a hostile House) Obama will then (unfortunately) issue Executive Orders for drastic gun control. It’s not that easy for Congress to undo one. As for the courts? We’ve seen that Justice Roberts turned out to be a fake, phony, fraud as a ‘conservative’ and with the likelihood that Obama will get to appoint at least one more liberal to the SCOTUS bench, we won’t see any relief, there.

In 2016, Republicans need to “put their balls in their pocket” and nominate someone who really is conservative in regards The Constitution. He or she MUST believe that the Second Amendment means — not what liberal scholars parse it as, today, but, — what the Founding Fathers and authors of it intended it to mean and, any of their collateral writings prove that they believed that all law-abiding (you wouldn’t be in the citizen ‘militia’ if you weren’t) citizens should have the right to own and carry firearms for any purpose.

Why do we need such a nominee? Because it’s much easier for a sitting president to issue an Executive Order rescinding a previous president’s Executive Order.

Gun rights aren’t a “social issue.” Not only are they written into the original Bill of Rights but, they are the NATURAL RIGHT of every living creature on Earth and elsewhere.