I know that in some quarters there is controversy over vaccines. With all of my bad habits (like sneaking meat into my diet despite my gout), I’ve never worried about adding one more risk.

A casual inspection of today’s Drudge Report shows that the current version of the Flu is running rampant in some areas.

Here’s what I know for myself: For the last 19-years, I have gotten the ‘Flu Shot’ vaccine. I’ve never had any side-effect from it. Most of the time, it’s been offered for free by either my employers or the local medical center. And, for the last 19-years, I have not gotten the Flu.

I understand the axiom that “correlation does not imply causation” or, in this case, the (sorta’) reverse. I’m just saying. . . .

Maybe it’s just luck but, you should know that for the last 19-years I have been employed in jobs that bring me in near physical contact with other humans. Most of those years I was a salesman (shaking hands), and for the last three, I’ve been a ‘car porter’ which is basically a valet who doesn’t get tips. My hands are on a hundred steering wheels every day, as well as shift knobs and door handles. And, when was the last time anyone cleaned, or at least sprayed their steering wheels, shift knobs, and door handles with Lysol? Granted, I DO wash my hands a lot because there are no vaccines preventing colds or Norovirus. And, until I do wash my hands, I keep them far away from my mouth and eyes.

Okay, go ahead, tell me all about autism and other dire effects of vaccines. I haven’t gotten any of them and I haven’t gotten the Flu. Nineteen-years without the misery of the Flu. I’m doing something right and I believe that it is getting the Flu vaccine every year.

I’m just sayin’. . . .