(Via Drudge) Never mind the liberal newspapers trying to subtly (subtle as a train wreck) push their anti-gun agenda by publishing the names and addresses of firearm permit holders “as a public service.” Now, one Connecticut state legislator — you’ll be shocked, Shocked, to learn that he’s a Democrat, wants to make that information mandatory. From NBC News:

State Rep. Stephen Dargen, a Democratic legislator from West Haven, wants the names and addresses of about 170,000 handgun permit holders in the state to be made public.

Names of gun owners are now confidential, but Dargen believes if people know how many guns are spread across communities, they’ll be safer.

Really? How? Dargen or the article doesn’t elaborate. His idea is simply that all of the law abiding citizens (the psycho killer at Sandy Hook Elementary School wasn’t) should have their names and addresses revealed because of . . . what? Is it supposed to somehow shame them for obeying the law and getting the proper permits? Or, is it to (in the twisted liberal mindset) somehow a way to allow their neighbors to render scorn upon them for wanting to protect themselves and their families by following the rules? Or, is it just a way to give criminals a shopping list of homes to burglarize?

Oh, and there’s an ammo control bill from the usual “Looney” in the mix as well.

And then, from the Empire State, we have former NYC Mayoral Candidate Mark Green (yeah, a Democrat) proposing the same thing:

Green asserted:

“If we have a Megan’s Law – because I think almost everyone might agree – that if you’re a convicted child molester, a neighbor might want to know that because they’re in your home, safe, but maybe they could hurt someone else. Same thing with guns. There may be people who think the more concealed weapons, the better. Fine. Live in Texas or Florida.”

So, there is no difference between law abiding gun owners and criminal, child molesting perverts.