Over at the Pacific Standard, Is Sugar the Next Tobacco?

For myself, I like sugar on cereal. I think that’s about the only time I use it since I don’t drink coffee.

MY Problem is HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which is in everything including sodas these days and is bad for my Gout (sugar isn’t a problem).

Incidentally, remember all the kerfuffle over New Coke and Classic Coke? Let me start an unfounded rumor here that it was all a clever ploy by the folks at Coca Cola. The old, original Coke was made with sugar — which was getting expensive. So, they change the formula to supposedly compete with Pepsi by coming up with New Coke. Public hates it. They bring back the “Classic” Coke . . . But now it’s made with HFCS instead of sugar, saving them tons of money. Since there was a period of time where the original soda wasn’t available, and the new “Classic” that came back later tasted almost the same, they got away with it because most didn’t notice the difference and never read the ingredients on the cans, anyway.