I’m not trying to be flippant. This is a tragedy. I just think that Matt Drudge — as of 5:10 this afternoon, had it right on his page:

It’s not what kind of gun, or weapon — but the liberal media and congress critters will make it so. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer. It could have been a psycho with a knife.

It’s the sick-fuck who committed the crime and it might — I say “might,” not certainly, — might have been stopped short if a few teachers or administrators had been allowed to CCW in that school. In fact, if the knowledge that some school personnel are armed was out there, this fucking mutant (I won’t print his name) might have thought twice.

But, alas, with the drumbeats of the aforementioned media and the usual suspects in Congress sounding loud, I fear that this might be the final straw. Obama isn’t facing another election.