While illegal CCW has always been available to criminals, law abiding citizens “may” finally be able to defend themselves. From Fox News:

In a victory for gun rights advocates, a federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons — the only total concealed-carry ban in the country.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals gave state lawmakers six months to come up with their own version of the law that legalizes concealed carry.

Let’s see just how many hurdles Springfield puts in the way of residents actually wanting to get a permit:

Dozier said he expects concealed carry opponents to try to load down any new law with numerous restrictions in order to limit how many people can qualify for a concealed carry permit.

If concealed carry opponents are successful, gun rights advocates will have to fight the law in court, potentially leaving gun owners to wait for clarification on what is legal, he said.

As examples, Dozier said concealed carry opponents could attempt to write stumbling blocks into a new law, ranging from exorbitant fees to lengthy gun safety courses.

Still, this is a big step forward in Illinois and congratulations to all who led the fight for a natural right there.