I think that most folks would agree that this past election was about silly, phony, identity politics (’war on women’, comes to mind) and a majority of Americans deciding that they want big government to take care of them*. Aside from a few of us (like me) most polls show that gun control was at the bottom of the list of motivations for how someone voted. Therefore, NYC’s Mayor Michael Blowhard must be dreaming:

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his infamous “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” have struck again—this time with a conference call where he proclaimed the recent presidential elections “proved” the NRA is dying and the American people want more gun control.

Aside from the usual suspects, most Democrats are and have steered clear of gun control.

Criminals are the ones mostly supporting strict gun control laws. That way their victims are unarmed.


*The election should have been about the economy, Obama’s first term record, etc. The MSM didn’t allow that to happen. Also, our side failed to show up at the polls.