Not really a topic to read about before tomorrow’s feast but I can’t help what I’m attracted to when surfing the net. There are instances where some brave folks decide to doctor - or rather, surgeon - themselves. The web site io9 profiles eight of them. There is an example of someone, a woman in the colonial days, fighting for our future nation’s freedom, digging bullets out of herself:

Deborah Sampson is one of the people all the Americans should be grateful to (and the British should be, I suppose, cursing bitterly) on the Fourth of July. She served in the Continental Army, fighting for Massachusetts. Some people reading this will be shocked that Massachusetts was liberal enough to have women fighting on the front lines in the 1700s. The rest will understand why Deborah had to perform surgery on herself. She was shot in the thigh, but worried that the doctors would notice that she was a woman, and thus keep her away from a godawful war. So she escaped from the hospital and dug out the bullets with a pen knife before giving colonial gender roles the finger and going back to the battlefield.

I don’t think that they had ‘the finger’ insult back then but there’s a bit more to her story and the other seven ones are as interesting as well.