From The Herald:

The Union County Sheriff’s Office says residents can apply for and purchase handgun permits online instead of going to the sheriff’s office. The changes began late last month.

According to the sheriff’s office, you must obtain a handgun purchase permit whether you purchase the weapon from a commercial dealer or a private individual. The requirement also applies whether it is a transaction for money, an exchange or a gift. Anytime the weapon changes hands, a permit is required.

You must have one permit for each handgun you are purchasing.

Update 5:50 PM: I’ve corrected this post. I originally thought (since it was a South Carolina newspaper reporting) that the ‘Union County’ referred to was there; in South Carolina. Now, thanks to several comments, I realize that it is Union County, North Carolina. So, exchanging South for North, I provide my edited comments of my own:

Really? I didn’t realize that in North Carolina you need to apply for a permit every single time you want to buy a handgun, or receive one as a gift. Granted, the permits are only $5 dollars but still, that seems like handgun registration to me.

I guess this is one of those instances where I can say, “Thank God I live in Vermont.”