This is kind of a sad story but has a good ending. From the Sky Valley Chronicle:

A King County sheriff’s deputy shot at a man holding a ‘gun’ made out of Legos Thursday in Duvall, officials said.

Luckily, the deputy missed the man, who had been waving what appeared to be a black handgun at passing cars and who, officers learned later, was developmentally disabled.

From another source, a picture of the ‘gun.’

From 20-yards away, it could easily look like a real gun and the man pointed it at the deputy.

If you read the first-linked story, it is shocking that a caretaker of the mentally ill man was standing nearby and said nothing when the confrontation took place. He should be fired.

Anyway, this gives me a chance to direct you to a review I did some time ago of LEGO Heavy Weapons for your pleasure. Just don’t build one and wave it at passing cars.