Last year the Philadelphia Police Department settled a suit for $25,000 for terrorizing a man legally carrying a handgun. They’re at it again:

A new YouTube video shows two Philly cops antagonizing a man last week who was legally carrying a .40-caliber Glock on his hip as he headed to a Manayunk barbershop.

One officer wrongly tells Joshua Rodriguez, 22, that his ammunition is illegal. Another officer later tells the barber that Rodriguez has a gun.

“You have all these laws, man. You go to law school? You’re not supposed to have 13 bullets of hollow points in your gun right now,” an officer says. The bullets are, in fact, legal.

More at the link. Sadly, there’s no link to the actual video that I can find and several searches on YouTube didn’t produce such a video, either.

Update 5:57 PM: Thanks to commenter martywd, here’s the video: