The best way to learn how you’d react in a life-threatening situation . . . Go to Combat City in Orlando. From Chanel Six Orlando:

Then [owner] Kaplan modifies your weapon. He puts a restrictor in the barrel so a live round will not fire, but will still function as a regular weapon.

“A revolver would work the same, semi auto, the action actually cycles. There’s full recoil with the weapon. The assault weapon fully cycles,” said Kaplan.

After suiting up and making sure you protect your head, neck, and private parts, you are ready.

But make no mistake, if you get shot, it will hurt.

Then, customers can roam the complex shooting each other or role-play in various scenarios.

Video at the link. I notice that head protection seems optional if you are in one of the controlled themes. Hmmm. . .

Better than AirSoft or paint ball, since you get to use your own weapon — the one you would be using in a real-life situation.

Still, something about this rubs me (a little bit) the wrong way; firing at other real people for practice.