The Oklahoma Daily is the student newspaper of Oklahoma University. Oklahoma recently passed a law allowing CCW permit holders in the state to openly carry their handguns if they desire. Today the Daily has a ‘point-counterpoint’ pair of op-eds about the new law. The ‘pro’ one is perfectly reasonable; the new law is no big deal.

The counterpoint editorial likes the law too, but for different reasons and also slimes pro-gunners in the process:

Now, instead of simply worrying if the guy next to you at the gas station is hiding a gun, you will have empirical evidence of the gun’s existence and of the mental health or self-esteem of the person who is pumping gas next to you.

If you have to go about life in America with a gun strapped to your body, visible or not, you either have a level of paranoia that might classify you as insane, or you are overcompensating for some serious personal deficiencies.

Frankly, my self-esteem would be much lower if I was mugged and powerless to defend myself or my family. It would be non-existent if I was murdered.

Exercising the natural right of/to personal protection from the predators of our society is “insane?” Then I give you permission to call me nuts.