Another bright spot: Voters in Louisiana overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment strengthening the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, in their state. From the Advocate:

With just shy of 100 percent of the vote in, Amendment 2 was passing 1,237,596 or 74 percent to 428,906 or 26 percent in a state where gun rights have some of the greatest protections in the U.S.

[ . . . ]

The constitutional change — pushed by the National Rifle Association — would require “strict scrutiny” of any restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. The legal standard would require courts, when asked, to determine whether the state’s gun laws demonstrate “a compelling governmental interest” and are “narrowly defined.” If not, they are to be thrown out as unconstitutional.

No other state has a ’strict scrutiny’ clause. This amendment could overturn some of the states gun regulations such as requiring a permit for CCW.

More at the link and kudos to Louisiana voters. Out of curiosity, would this also prevent the confiscation of firearms during a time of emergency — such as happened during Hurricane Katrina? If memory serves me right, though, I think the state legislature there passed a law on its own a couple of years ago preventing that from happening again. Maybe someone from there can elaborate.