It’s hard to believe that a majority of the voters are so stupid that they actually want four more years of misery. Maybe they are hoping for that free ObamaPhone or for their “free” health care, or more food stamps, or they enjoy being unemployed or underemployed. We’ll just tax the rich more; so what if that means the small business owners who take the chances and create most of the new jobs.

Perhaps they enjoy the unfettered disasters of our foreign policy in the middle-east or are glad that Obama snubs and disses Israeli leaders. They must think that being owned by China is a good thing. Not sending help when our Libyan ambassador and three other patriots (two CIA agents and a State Department worker) were murdered was a stroke of diplomatic genius. Heck, blame it on YouTube!

Well, they’ve got years more of it all coming to them, now.

I really believe, though, that some of them were simply brainwashed by the in-the-tank-for-Obama media: NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, NY Times, et al, who refused to cover or broadcast the truth about so many stories — ‘Fast & Furious’ and Benghazi being two such examples.

Fox News and the Washington Times are probably the only news sources our side can still trust to any degree.

So, the MSM wins again.

Having said that, the sad truth is that there are a lot of morons in this country.

One final thought: I was proud to vote yesterday. I might not have been all that excited about the choices but I did my civic duty; a right and at the same time a joyous privilege made possible because of the blood shed by many a soldier and patriot over the past almost-250-years.

Judging by the exit polls, a lot more self-described ‘Democrats’ showed up to do their civic duty than did self-described ‘Republicans.’ From WaPo:

As usual, women voted in larger numbers, making up 53 percent of the vote. Democrats made up 38 percent of the vote, with 32 percent Republican and 29 percent independent or something else.

Anyone who didn’t bother to vote has no fucking right to bitch about the outcome. Got that?