Glock did it, of course, in TV and movies. While this isn’t quite the same - the movie director explored and chose the gun company - it should certainly help sales of the pricey Cabot Guns. From a press release:

Hollywood director and writer Lexi Alexander is planning a new feature film surrounding a complex assassination game involving several wealthy businessmen. As Alexander begins working the pieces into place to develop her next film, the director selected Cabot Guns CEO and Gun Designer Rob Bianchin as Firearms Consultant.

The Academy Award nominated Director came across Cabot Guns Company while touring the NRA National Convention in St. Louis in April 2012. With the entire gun industry on display, the boutique pistols produced in Pennsylvania caught Alexander’s eye.

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Alexander’s new project, however, calls for a different sort of firearm. This new project will show off beautiful handcrafted guns of exceptional quality. Cabot Guns, described as the “Rolls Royce of 1911’s” by the Blue Book of Gun Values, fit the profile.