Under Georgia law, it’s illegal but it was still a nice idea:

Eight billboards are raising some eyebrows around Metro Atlanta and the nation.

They offer a free chance in a raffle for a rifle or pistol if you show up at Smyrna’s Adventure Outdoors with your voting sticker, proving you’ve cast a ballot.

Story and video at the link.

More here:

A Friday letter from Chris Harvey, chief investigator for the Georgia Secretary of State, to Wallace clears the promotional campaign, in which someone can enter a Nov. 12 drawing for a Browning rifle and a Glock handgun.

“In our conversation on this matter this morning, you clarified that it was not your intention to restrict the opportunity to enter the drawing only to people who voted, and that anyone who requested to enter the drawing for the free firearm would be allowed to enter, regardless of whether they voted,” Harvey wrote in his Friday letter.

So the raffle is on and is not restricted to voters only.

Must be a Georgia law since we’ve heard plenty of stories in past elections about Democrat operatives giving the homeless cigarettes if they’ll vote and even this year we had them offering T-shirts and food — but in other states.