People hate Mondays. The weekend is over, the partying is over; *Ugh* Back to work with (for some) a fuzzy brain and (for many more) a bad attitude. So . . . You’d think that most driving to work accidents happen on a Monday, right? Wrong. They happen on Friday:

If you’re living for the weekend, and really want to make sure you are actually alive this weekend, Nationwide Insurance suggests you try driving safer on Fridays.

Friday, the day that is so cool, people usually thank a higher power for its arrival, is also the most dangerous day to commute to work. The insurance company analyzed claims from 2012, and there is an average of 4,664 insurance claims per day for accidents which happen on Fridays.

Wednesday was second worst, then Thursdays, Mondays, and finally — safest day — was Tuesday.

I was kind of surprised myself since you’d think that folks are feeling good about the end of the work week and are relaxed. Apparently, they’re too relaxed.

Of course, my work week (after my employer eliminated all overtime) is now from Tuesday through Saturday so I guess I’ll have to be extra careful Saturday afternoons.