That is what one cop in Utah thinks:

There have been many stories recently of shootings involving persons with mental problems. Most of the major mass shootings seemed to have the suspects suffering from some mental illness. I often wondered if there should be a mechanism put in place as part of the gun-purchasing process that verifies the mental health of the person purchasing the weapon. . .

Officers have to go through a stringent hiring process that includes a psychological examination. The same is true for federal agents. After these tests along with backgrounds and numerous other hiring steps, we are trained how to use a firearm and when to use it appropriately.

So, from a story in N.J., how are those psychological tests working out?

Authorities say they have no idea why Sgt. Mark Lee, an 18-year department veteran, burst into the apartment at Project Freedom, a home for people with disabilities on Hutchinson Road. Knocking the woman from her wheelchair, Lee also allegedly went after the boy and assaulted him as well.

He stripped naked, tried to assault the woman and child, then tried to jump out the window and failing that, started choking the woman. Cops arrested the berserk officer who on the way back to the station kicked the back window out of the patrol car and escaped, only to be captured a short time later.

Anyway, back to the Anonymous Cop in the first article calling for psychological testing of gun buyers. States - are supposed to - report “mental cases” to the FBI’s NICS instant check database which in theory prevent most criminals and unbalanced people from getting approval for a gun. Alas, we live in a less than perfect world where some folks on their way to madness (but not quite there yet) slip through the cracks. That’s alright. It’s better than punishing all for the possible nuttiness of a very rare few.

Further, who decides (in the case - say - of simple neurosis, anxiety, OCB,) what constitutes a dangerous psychological problem? I could see a liberal psychologist declaring that anyone claiming to be a Republican is unfit for firearm ownership.

Incidentally, the Anonymous Cop also favors universal gun registration. The government should know just what guns you own.

It’s obvious that this cop became one for power, and he rejects anyone else having power. As we all know, that is what most gun control is all about.