The full title of Rob Robideau’s new book is, Tactical Bible Stories, Personal Security Tips from the Bible (that’s the Amazon/Kindle link to it). While it’s a short book, it is long on good, sensible advice on how to prepare — mentally, physically, with what tools, — for a violent conflict be it a mugging, an assault, or worse. Alas, these days that is all too possible no matter where you live.

What makes Robideau’s book special is that he illustrates many of his sound points with stories taken from the Bible. Common sense, it seems, has been around for a long time. There are some nice illustrations accompanying those stories.

Some of the advice given could seem to be of the, “Duh, well of course!” type and yet so often we forget to heed it that it bears repeating. Some of the advice is fresh and could save your (and loved ones’) lives.

Several chapters of Tactical Bible Stories deal with how to avoid, or defuse a confrontation. I agree with this philosophy. Just because your state has a “Stand Your Ground” law doesn’t necessarily mean that you MUST apply the ultimate defensive measure if you don’t have to.

Having written that, Robideau makes clear that if that is the only course of action open to you, you must commit fully to it. Yes, you already know that but again, it bears repeating.

I enjoyed this concise book and, by the way, it would also be useful for children as an introduction to planning for the unthinkable.