I don’t drink much wine but I do love cheese. Be-that-as-it-may, Vermont is starting to get noticed for both:

Maple syrup may be Vermont’s best-known product among the general public, but for years those in the dairy industry have watched the state’s meteoric rise as one of the very best cheese producers on earth. Vermont cheddars, the cornerstone of the state’s cheese making history, have repeatedly beaten the best cheddars of other top cheese producing states like Wisconsin, along with the birthplace of the cheese, England, in prestigious tasting competitions.

More on that (and wineries) at the Forbes link.

Oddly, I have not found (or haven’t seen in any markets I frequent) Vermont made Munster cheese, which happens to be my favorite type for everything from sandwiches to just eating by itself (at room temperature, of course).

I’m also a cottage cheese slut but much prefer Hood (a MA regional company) to the local Cabot brand.