My thanks to No Starch Press for sending me a PDF of a new book due out in a week or so, LEGO Heavy Weapons, by Jack Streat. Subtitled, “Build Working Replicas of Four of the World’s Most Impressive Guns,” Amazon says they’ll be shipping it shortly but of course you might want to pre-order it.

I can tell you this: LEGO has come a long way since I was a kid and so has the sophistication both of what you can build, and how you go about designing your creations and recording them.

LEGO Heavy Weapons shows you how to build functioning replicas of the Desert Eagle, the AKS-74U, the Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine, and the SPAS 12. The guns have working magazines that you load with ‘bricks’ and can fire about 10-20 feet with impressive accuracy.

I went to YouTube and here’s Jack Streat (the author) with the Jungle Carbine:

Pretty cool, huh? Okay, so the real gun would be cooler but this book is a brain challenger that will provide weeks of creative indoor fun for you or your kids. Warning, you’re not going to build these models overnight!

Here’s a special promotional video that Streat made featuring all four guns featured in this book:

Here are a couple pictures from the book, first the completed Desert Eagle, then the AKS:

Note that I’ve shrunk and cropped those shots to fit the blog format.

The instructions, parts lists, breakdown of components, and illustrations are copious. Some free CAD software is mentioned and recommended. Take your time, follow the instructions, and have a lot of fun. By the time you finish LEGO Heavy Weapons, by Jack Streat you’ll have the skill set to begin designing your own replicas . . . of just about anything. It would also make an unusual gift for a gun nut or LEGO nut.

I give this interesting book two muzzles up!