Philip Mulivor has done all of us a valuable service by gathering into one book some of the best quotations supporting gun rights and self-defense rights. His fine book is Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said About the Right to Keep and Bear Arms That link will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the book or the Kindle edition.

What makes this collection of quotes especially notable are two things. First, he has researched each quote to its source and eliminated some of the bogus ones floating around the internet. This ensures that when you cite a quotation for the sake of making an argument or trying to convince someone of the historical nature of constitutional support of the right to keep and bear arms, you’re not using a phony or inaccurate, altered one.

Secondly, besides a plethora of quotes from our Founding Fathers, there are other, excellent ones included from throughout history and right up until the modern day. Sure, there are the vetted quotations from Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al. But, there are also some words of wisdom from justices over the years in their decisions favoring gun rights, ones from recent historical figures such as Hubert Humphrey, and Pope John Paul II. You’ll also find quotes from contemporaries such as Clayton E. Cramer, Glenn Reynolds, and the late Jeff Cooper. All of them in support of the natural right of self-defense. Heck, even sci-fi writer A.E. Van Vogt is included!

Think of Proclaiming Liberty as a reference work that you should keep on the shelf nearest you, at the ready, in defense of self-defense. It is also an interesting read with comments by Mulivor himself.