Despite everything that the Obama administration and it’s liberal friends in the Main Stream Media might like to claim, the economy sucks. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Are you better off today than you were three+ years ago? God bless if you are but most of us aren’t. True unemployment numbers — not the phony, jiggered ones from the government — are higher than they were when the medias’ chosen one took office. Food prices are skyrocketing and gas is $4.00 bucks a gallon. How’s all of this “Hope and Change” working out for you?

I just finished reading a book chronicling all of our collective misery. It’s titled, Debacle, Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future. The authors, Grover G. Norquist and John R. Lott Jr., have penned an — alas, not fictional — book that should and will scare you to your roots. It is a brilliant, well researched, scathing review of how President Obama and his economic team have made our recent recession not only worse, but insured by their policies that it will stay that way until their socialist dream of wealth re-distribution is realized by congressional or presidential fiat.

Whether examining the roots — but more importantly the continuation — of the events and politics leading up to the mortgage meltdown, the non-productive “stimulus” package that Obama enacted shortly after his election, or the arm-twisting thuggery his administration applied to get his health care reform enacted, the authors Norquist and Lott follow the politics, process, and money. By the way, they don’t spare the rod for the Republicans who helped enable the debacle. But, as you will read — the Obama administration employed the strong-arm tactics of Obama’s Chicago political machine upbringing.

The authors of this important book don’t use the term or threat that I am about to. They don’t even suggest anything of the kind because they are well educated, reasoned scholars who don’t fly-off-the-handle the way a Vermont blogger like me does. But let me say this: Given the threats cataloged in this book against any and all who opposed the current administration’s agenda on a whole host of issues including ObamaCare, this President and his economic advisers and minions could probably be prosecuted under the RICO Act for racketeering. Period. They never will, of course, because the liberally dominated media will not allow it.

This book is not depressing; it is enlightening. And, after cataloging the failures of the current administration, the authors present a simple plan in the final chapter that, if followed, could lead to a much better future for our country and economy that includes a future majority of elections by Republicans. Mitt Romney should read this book and adopt the suggested ideas presented therein. This book ends in hopeful optimism that those on our side of the aisle understand the concept of ‘branding’ the Republican Party as the ‘leave me alone’ party.

By the way, there are some great lines from the authors, in this book. In a discussion about how liberals try to regulate every facet of our (ordinary folks’) existence, be-it the food we eat, our light bulbs, our recycling, the cars we buy, they write:

These foodies, greenies, safety phalangists, slow growth,
NIMBY types have a list of things you must and must not do that is
slightly longer and more tedious than Leviticus.

Much of the stuff in Debacle you might already know but, here in book form, it is all carefully collected and laid out in a clear and concise fashion. The paper trail, the info-trail, is detailed in a way that you can much more easily understand it. And, hopefully, you can argue about these ideas and principles, the threats facing our country’s economy, with your liberal friends and neighbors.

I said that this book might scare you; education is sometimes disturbing. There are plenty of graphs and illustrations that clearly show how the Obama policies are destroying our economy or at the least, failing to meet their advertised claims. There are copious reference notes at the end of each chapter — interesting reading in themselves — that back up (and source) the facts that Norquist and Lott have presented. The liberally dominated media will not take this book seriously. I sincerely hope that Mitt Romney does, and that his speech writers employ the material in it for his campaign.

Mostly, I hope that all of you will take the chance to read this book. What it chronicles and illuminates will make anyone of sound mind vote against Obama in November, regardless of the name in the other column.