I just finished reading the Kindle edition of The Third Beast by Patrick H. Adkins and found myself wanting. Wanting more!

A novel like this could defy being pegged as simply a horror story since there are elements of science fiction in it and it deals with an unspecified time in the near future. It was, however, written some years ago, before the pervasiveness of cell phones and laptop computers.

Most of the story takes place in a small town along the Mississippi River, opposite New Orleans. A series of strange, seemingly unconnected incidents in town have the Protagonist and his girlfriend perplexed. The disappearance of a child. The death of a man at the hands of a gang of youths. A report of a blood-thirsty creature living under a home. And especially, the complete indifference of the local police.

But the incidents are not isolated. They are part of a shocking regression of society; both physical devolution and moral degeneration that is occurring across the nation.

Needless to say, the author makes a very good case for firearms ownership.

Lots of action, plenty of setbacks for the protagonists. And, as in any good horror novel, enough (but not too much) gore to make you cringe.

I’d love to see Adkins pen a sequel that covers the time period near the end of the story. There’s plenty of drama and plot still to be wrung from his premise.

I enjoyed The Third Beast immensely and you can buy the Kindle edition for a paltry 99 cents.

Warning: Better set aside an afternoon or evening because once you start reading it, you’ll have to finish reading it. It’s a page-turner.