Many municipalities in Florida had their own gun control ordinances; laws that exceeded the gun control laws of the state. It violated the state’s preemption law, but they got away with it. Last April, the Florida legislature put a stop to that by enacting hefty fines against towns’ officials and local laws that violated preemption. Some cities and counties have fought back.

Now, via the Miami Herald, we learn that Miami Beach has — smartly and correctly — thrown in the towel:

Miami Beach commissioners repealed the city’s laws restricting the sale, discharge and possession of firearms on Wednesday to comply with a state law that took effect in October.

The Florida Legislature decided that it has the sole power to regulate firearms in Florida to the exclusion of any city or county in 1987, but the law did not include any penalties. In 2011, the legislature passed a law that gives the governor the power to remove elected officials who enact or enforce local firearm regulations. The law also provides for a $5,000 fine and gives gun owners and gun rights groups the right to sue for damages if they believe their rights have been violated.

More at the Miami Herald link, including the “outrage” of the city’s mayor. Good. She’s “outraged.” How dare her city city commissioners cave in to the law of the land — or at least that of the state! How dare that the law abiding citizens in her town be allowed to exercise their national and state, (and, of course, their natural) right to self-defense.