But, municipalities could ban them from ‘recreational facilities’ and therein lies the controversy. Some cities are trying to circumvent a new state (preemptive) law allowing CCW permit holders to carry into parks. From the Daily Reflector:

When the General Assembly passed a law this year that prohibited municipalities from banning concealed weapons in local parks, it swept away dozens of local regulations starting this month. But the law also included a provision that lets cities ban concealed weapons from “recreation facilities,” defined in the legislation as “a playground, an athletic field, a swimming pool and an athletic facility.”

So far, about 20 cities and towns across the state have either approved or discussed ordinances that aim to do just that, according to advocates on both sides of the question. In theory, those cities are well within their rights to ban guns in those “recreation facilities,” but as so often happens with legislation, it’s not so simple.

It’s not so simple because there’s enough wiggle room in the law to allow a city to declare a lake a ’swimming pool’ and therefore it is a ‘recreational facility’ and therefore the city has the right to ban guns from the shores of it. That’s just an example but it appears that all of this will be heading to the courts.

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