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Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 23 Apr 2014 05:36 am

Former President Bill Clinton will be headlining a fundraiser for Gabby Giffords — in NY City, of course. From Breitbart:

Now Clinton is taking part in an event for Giffords’s gun control group, which supports the “expanded background checks that failed in the Senate last year.”

Clinton supports greater gun control but has also warned Democrats that supporting gun control could “[antagonize] people entrenched in the gun culture.”

And, I’m feeling antagonized.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 16 Apr 2014 02:45 am

From Reuters:

Initiative 594 would require all firearm sales, including those at gun shows and conducted online, to be predicated on a background check of the buyer. Initiative 591, however, would disallow background checks for gun purchases unless explicitly required by the federal government.

[ . . . ]

The results on the Washington state gun measures from the Elway Poll, which is independent of the two campaigns, shows Initiative 594 enjoying 72 percent support, while the other measure has 55 percent in favor. The poll’s margin of error is 4.5 percentage points, and 504 registered voters participated.

Since the second initiative essentially leaves things as they are, there must be a lot of confused people in the Evergreen State. Might be because of legalized pot… Or, the Elway Poll used a scale of 127%.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 31 Mar 2014 05:28 am

One pro-gunner thinks so:

The head of New York’s largest firearms organization is skipping a planned Tuesday Capitol protest of the state’s tougher gun control laws enacted last year, saying he fears the rhetoric at such gatherings is becoming more “contentious and threatening.”

Thomas King, a national NRA board member and president of the state Rifle & Pistol Association, argues that the angry and inflammatory rhetoric only hurts the cause of gun lovers.

[ . . . ]

You won’t change people’s minds, he wrote, by “screaming obscenities at Cuomo and certainly at large rallies where people stand on stage, pound their chest and tell the attendees to prepare for war.

“That frightens the very people we want to attract to our side.”

King said his NRA-affiliated group will not work with organizations “that we feel will be detrimental to our efforts to restore 2nd Amendment freedoms to New York State.”

More, including what he feels is the better strategy, at the link. Keep in mind that the article is in the rabidly anti-gun NY Daily News.

Nanny State and Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 04 Mar 2014 11:59 am

I’m starting to think that there is no hope for the pansy-state nation that “progressives” have foisted upon us. From KATU Ohio:

A central Ohio principal says she suspended a 10-year-old boy from school for three days for pretending his finger was a gun and pointing it at another student’s head.

The boy’s father says it’s the adults who are acting childish for suspending the boy from Devonshire Alternative Elementary School in Columbus last week.

Perhaps they need a Pop Tart bill in Ohio.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 01 Mar 2014 02:40 am

From the Washington Times:

Late Friday, Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action released a letter he sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to notify them that his organization “strongly opposes” confirmation of Dr. Vivek Murthy.

A spokesman for the NRA told me that the five-million member organization will score the Senate vote, meaning that it counts toward a member’s rating in campaigns.

And, considering that Democrats are on shaky ground in the coming 2014 elections . . . Although Republicans seem determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 09 Feb 2014 12:07 pm

I want to buy this guy a beer, and a box of ammo:

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 05 Feb 2014 06:21 am

Most of an article about how one Virginia county made it difficult for Beretta to expand an existing distribution center has nothing to do with new VA Governor Terry McAuliffe. However, a couple of paragraphs caught my eye. From Fredericksburg.com:

Beretta announced last week that it will open a manufacturing plant in Gallatin, Tenn., that will create 300 new jobs. The business said it refused to consider expanding in Maryland, where its U.S. headquarters is located, in light of stricter gun laws that the state passed last year.

Virginia had been one of seven states under consideration for the new plant. Reh said last year that the company had looked at sites in Warrenton and Caroline County.

But he said in an email this week that the election of Terry McAuliffe as governor “did not help any Virginia site in our evaluation.” He accused McAuliffe of running an “anti-gun campaign” in Northern Virginia.

Another Democrat killing jobs, even before he took office.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 13 Jan 2014 06:23 pm

Talk about sending out invitations to the hostile press to chastise you. One Oregon county GOP group is doing just that:

The Multnomah County Republican Party announced Monday plans to raffle off an AR-15 assault-style rifle to celebrate slain American icons Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

The press release from the county party read:

Multnomah Country Republicans recognize the incredible time of year we are in. In successive months to start the year, we celebrate the legacy of two great Republicans who demonstrated leadership and courage that all of us still lean on today: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. In celebrating these two men, and the denial of the rights they fought so hard against, the Multnomah County Republican Party announces that we have started our third raffle for an AR-15 rifle (or handgun of the winner’s choice). . .

Do they not get the irony that a whole lot of others will? Do they not understand that while their intentions might be good, the way they are going about it is guaranteed to draw criticism from the press, from Democrats, from anti-gun groups, from just about any thinking person with the briefest knowledge of history? Lincoln and King were assassinated by guns. Common sense would dictate that you not “honor” their memories by raffling off a gun. Aside from the unpleasant irony, it’s what we in the marketing world call, “bad optics.”

*Sigh* For many-a-year now the Republicans have proven expert at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 02 Jan 2014 08:24 pm

From Breitbart:

Keeping good on its promise to leave Colorado in reaction to the draconian gun laws passed in March 2013, “high capacity” magazine maker Magpul Industries has announced it will relocate to Texas and Wyoming.

And taking their good paying jobs and business taxes they would have generated with them.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 02 Jan 2014 04:13 am

From SFGate:

The Liberal Gun Club backs a wide-open interpretation of the Second Amendment that lets law-abiding citizens possess just about any type of gun. But that’s where its similarity to the NRA ends.

“If I walk into a gun store with an Obama T-shirt - which I wouldn’t wear, because he’s too conservative - I don’t fit,” joked Eric Wooten, a longtime California Democratic Party activist and member of the Liberal Gun Club.

Wooten and Hoeber have banded together not only to reinforce their love of a sport and a hobby, but to flex political clout from the left side of the spectrum.

So instead, they’ll support liberal politicians who would like nothing better than to end their love of guns and restrict what kinds of guns they can own.

More at the link.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 29 Nov 2013 08:21 am

From the Dallas Morning News:

While some are louder or more provocative than others, the Republicans — from governor candidate Greg Abbott, to the four lieutenant governor contestants and into the races for attorney general, comptroller and agriculture commissioner — offer platforms that are solid and similar.

Nearly all support changing the law so that concealed handgun licensees can carry their weapons in the open. They also want guns allowed on college campuses and no restrictions imposed on Internet sales or gun shows.

And how does the liberal media’s darling, Wendy Davis, stack up on the “gun issue?”

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 27 Nov 2013 06:07 pm

The righteous citizens of Colorado successfully recalled two Democrat state reps who went against the their wishes and voted to deny them their constitutional, and more importantly, their natural rights. Then, these same citizens set their sites upon another back-stabbing liberal. The Democrat machine there saw which way the wind was blowing:

A Democratic, pro-gun control state senator who faced a potential recall in Colorado abruptly resigned Wednesday, less than a week before the recall petition was due.

Sen. Evie Hudak’s surprise resignation means a Democratic committee can appoint a new state senator in her place. Had she stayed in office and possibly faced a recall election, she would have gone up against a Republican, thus risking the Democrats’ slim one-seat majority in the state Senate.

Fine, Demo-chicken-shits; do your end-around. It doesn’t matter because in 2014 you will face the full backlash of your vote against freedom and the natural right of self-preservation.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 25 Nov 2013 02:42 am

In a couple of weeks, the “Undetectable Firearms Act” will sunset. There’s a move in Congress to extend it. And, as Kurt Hofmann points out, the NRA isn’t doing anything to stop it:

The NRA’s apparent dereliction here is no small matter. These bills, which had been languishing in apparent futility for months, are now showing signs of life, which can only be expected to accelerate now that ARS is throwing its resources into the debate. Both H.R. 1474 and S. 1149 have picked up new co-sponsors: Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) last Wednesday, and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) last Thursday, and S. 1774, introduced Friday, is already co-sponsored by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). So far, rabidly anti-gun Rep. Peter King, of New York, is the only “Republican” (RINO) to co-sponsor any of these bills, but more are expected to join, to save us from “undetectable” guns.

[ . . . ]

The NRA needs to explain why it evidently believes that the Second Amendment protects only the right to keep and bear commercially produced arms.

Read the whole thing. I suspect that last line above answers the question. Folks printing out their own guns at home aren’t buying advertisements in NRA publications.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 17 Nov 2013 11:29 am

From Real Clear Politics:

Policies that fit “The Big Apple” don’t fit a town that is, say, known statewide for its Apple Festival. Just ask Democrat Pete Lagiovane, the mayor of this Franklin County town who won’t return to office in January. He lost his bid for re-election — to a seat he won unopposed the last time — in part because he signed up Chambersburg as one of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun cities.

His Republican opponent, Darren Brown, said he knows one thing he’ll do immediately after being sworn in as mayor: “The very, very first thing I’d like to do is get Chambersburg off the ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ list.”

It’s obvious that Brown doesn’t want to be associated with NY Mayor Michael Blowhard and his band of criminals.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 08 Nov 2013 05:36 pm

He might have got his dollar’s worth in the Governor’s race in Virginia, but not in other elections. Put bluntly: His anti-gun PAC didn’t fare all that well on Tuesday:

Among the defeated members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns were the mayors of Annapolis, Md.; Omaha, Neb.; Atlantic City, N.J.; Rochester, N.Y.; and Seattle, Wash.

Guns and Bloomberg’s group were issues in some of the campaigns where the incumbents were defeated. In Chambersburg, Pa., newly-elected Republican Mayor-elect Darren Brown declared that among his first moves will be unhooking the town from the anti-gun group.

[ . . . ]

. . . of the 67 NRA-endorsed candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates, 65 won their election on Tuesday.

This could also be further evidence that the successful recalls in Colorado of two gun-grabbing state reps was NOT a fluke. Bloomberg spent a whole lot there, too.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 06 Nov 2013 05:49 am

From Breitbart:

An exit poll from the Virginia gubernatorial election Tuesday reveals a poor turnout from gun owners.

In fact, of all the voters who took part in the election, less than half had a gun owner in their household.

According to CNN, only 47 percent of voters said they had a gun owner in their household, while 53 said they did not.

Actually, according to this WAPO poll of gun ownership, as well as this one from USLiberal, not to mention a Daily Beast round-up of NICS checks by the FBI, Virginia has an average gun ownership — percentage wise and per-capita wise — of 35%. So, if — according to the CNN exit poll — 47% of voters responding live in a home with a gun owner, they showed up at a higher rate than expected. The common sense conclusion would be that most of them were that gun owner.

What is more interesting (and a bit disturbing) is that of that 47%, 33% of them voted for McAuliffe despite his proudly exclaiming that he will push for tough new gun control laws (such as bans on standard magazines that hold more than 10-rounds). Then again, not all gun owners care about their rights or at least they are not single-issue voters. Or, maybe the only firearm they own is a lever-gun deer rifle which would be far down the list of potentially banned weapons.

Two other take-aways from the poll: First, according to respondents, if it had been a two-man race — no third-party Sarvis — Cuccinelli would have still lost by 2%.

Secondly, support for or opposition to Obamacare was a huge factor in determining who respondents voted for. Alas, a great many voters in Virginia are still hoping for that free healthcare they think they’re going to get. The line of demarcation was much sharper than that for gun owners (or people living in homes with guns) who, as I said, broke 33% for the gun grabber.

My opinion? McAuliffe was the beneficiary of millions of dollars in outside PAC money (isn’t it always the Democrats complaining about that?) and outspent Cuccinelli by a ratio of 4-to-1. That it was still as close a race as it was at the end meant that, alas, money was probably the deciding factor.

Update: Related: US News & World Reports questions claims by anti-gun groups that the tide is turning.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 02 Nov 2013 03:19 am

Let’s play a thought game. But first, a story from NJ:

A Lawrence Intermediate School Spanish teacher who allegedly threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot his students has been charged with harassment, according to police Lt. Mark Ubry.

Gualberto Gonzalez, 59, allegedly made the threat to shoot the students in the kneecap Oct. 22, after some disruptions in the classroom, Lt. Ubry said. The teacher allegedly said, “Don’t make me bring my gun in because I will shoot your kneecaps off,” he said.

Now, as it turns out, Mr. Gonzalez doesn’t even own a gun and he was probably just exasperated at unruly behavior in his classroom.

But, let’s speculate about media reaction to his threat. Is he a “Tea Partier?” A racist? A “right-wing” extremist? Is he anti-government?

I only ask this because if he was white, and had actually carried out his threat, the media would be labeling him as all-of-the-above. You know it, and I know it.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 01 Nov 2013 05:02 am

Oh yeah, another research paper by liberals implies that if you own a gun in your home, and you’re against gun control, you don’t like Black people:

After accounting for numerous other factors such as income, education and political ideology, the researchers found that for each one point increase (on a scale from one to five) in symbolic racism there was a 50 percent increase in the odds of having a gun in the home and a 28 percent increase in support for policies allowing people to carry concealed guns.

Each one point increase in symbolic racism (a modern measure of anti-black racism) was also associated with a 27 percent increase in the odds of opposing bans on hand guns in the home. After accounting for those who already had a gun in the home, the odds were reduced to a non-significant 17 percent increase. However, the authors note that this reduction is unsurprising as opposition to bans on guns equates to self interest on behalf of those who already own a gun and do not wish to give it up. And racism was already strongly associated with having a gun in the home.

That’s from the abstract. You can, if you really want to, read the ‘research paper’ here.

From a casual, quick read of it early this morning, I notice that they give weight to such factors as considering yourself conservative, living in the South, etc., as check-offs for being racist.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 15 Oct 2013 04:05 am

I had questioned the timing last week, of holding it the same day as the Newtown anniversary. So did others, and the organizers listened:

Alan Gottlieb, the SAF’s president, said the group originally deliberated between Dec. 14 and Dec. 15, which is Bill of Rights Day.

Gottlieb said they decided to celebrate the day on Dec. 14 to combat the anticipated push for stricter gun control laws in light of the anniversary. When the group announced Dec. 14 as “Guns Save Lives” Day last week they were met with a national wave of outrage from Newtown residents and activists.

On Monday, he announced that they would change the day to the 15th.

Gun PoliticsJeff Soyer on 12 Oct 2013 01:06 am

December 14 will be the one-year anniversary of the Newtown tragedy. Just as the MSM have marked almost any possible anniversary of the event (1-month, 3-months, 6-months) we can be sure that on the one-year-mark, they’ll be in full court press. Still . . . Sometimes, discretion — holding one’s tongue at certain times — does more good than trying to inflame the other side. I wonder about this:

A joint coalition of gun lobbyists are declaring Dec. 14, 2013 — the one-year anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn. — “Guns Saves Lives Day.”

The Second Amendment Foundation, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and DefendGunRights.com announced yesterday that they will be organizing events in all 50 states on Dec. 14 to counteract the anticipated anti-gun activism on the anniversary of the mass shooting that killed 26 people.

You know how this will play out in the press, with cries of, “Insensitivity, callus,” etc. coming from all the networks and major newspapers.

I just can’t help thinking that there’s a better way to handle this.

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