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2012 Election

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 20 Feb 2013 04:45 am

You know how every time a state tries to safeguard the integrity of elections, liberals claim that there isn’t a single verified instance of voter fraud? Here’s that instance.

Gun Control Crowd and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 03 Dec 2012 04:31 am

From the Sacramento Bee:

No doubt the strongest gun control advocate on Forbes’ list of the fabulously rich, Bloomberg seized an opportunity to unseat Baca, a pro-gun Democrat, by spending $3.3 million on television and mail attacks. Given his estimated $25 billion fortune, $3.3 million is couch cushion change. But it was three times the sum Baca and Negrete McLeod raised between them. By homing in on a loyal National Rifle Association politician, Bloomberg altered a long-standing element of American politics.

[ . . . ]

“It sends a message: you can lose your seat by voting against prudent gun legislation,” said New York Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, the strategist who led Bloomberg’s campaign. “Hopefully, members will think twice before taking these votes. They can’t just vote the NRA’s way and assume they won’t hear about it.”

Three of the six candidates that Blowhard opposed, won anyway.

Say, isn’t threatening politicians for how they vote some sort of extortion or racketeering?

Headlines and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 12 Nov 2012 03:22 pm

Or polling station fraud. Here’s the headline:

In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes

Reminder that in Philadelphia, while ACORN (or their reincarnation) might not have been there, the New Black Panthers were.

gun rights and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 07 Nov 2012 05:04 am

Another bright spot: Voters in Louisiana overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment strengthening the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, in their state. From the Advocate:

With just shy of 100 percent of the vote in, Amendment 2 was passing 1,237,596 or 74 percent to 428,906 or 26 percent in a state where gun rights have some of the greatest protections in the U.S.

[ . . . ]

The constitutional change — pushed by the National Rifle Association — would require “strict scrutiny” of any restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. The legal standard would require courts, when asked, to determine whether the state’s gun laws demonstrate “a compelling governmental interest” and are “narrowly defined.” If not, they are to be thrown out as unconstitutional.

No other state has a ’strict scrutiny’ clause. This amendment could overturn some of the states gun regulations such as requiring a permit for CCW.

More at the link and kudos to Louisiana voters. Out of curiosity, would this also prevent the confiscation of firearms during a time of emergency — such as happened during Hurricane Katrina? If memory serves me right, though, I think the state legislature there passed a law on its own a couple of years ago preventing that from happening again. Maybe someone from there can elaborate.

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 07 Nov 2012 04:49 am

Colorado and Washington voters approved legalizing marijuana:

Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, setting up a showdown with federal authorities over the enforcement of national drug laws.

With 63 percent of the vote counted, Colorado’s Amendment 64 was leading by a margin of 54 to 46 percent. Washington’s Initiative 502 was declared victorious shortly after the polls closed, while a third legalization measure in Oregon appeared poised to go down to defeat.

That showdown with the federal government should be interesting.

Okay, one other bright spot: The firearms industry should enjoy continued good health for a while.

General and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 07 Nov 2012 04:44 am

It’s hard to believe that a majority of the voters are so stupid that they actually want four more years of misery. Maybe they are hoping for that free ObamaPhone or for their “free” health care, or more food stamps, or they enjoy being unemployed or underemployed. We’ll just tax the rich more; so what if that means the small business owners who take the chances and create most of the new jobs.

Perhaps they enjoy the unfettered disasters of our foreign policy in the middle-east or are glad that Obama snubs and disses Israeli leaders. They must think that being owned by China is a good thing. Not sending help when our Libyan ambassador and three other patriots (two CIA agents and a State Department worker) were murdered was a stroke of diplomatic genius. Heck, blame it on YouTube!

Well, they’ve got years more of it all coming to them, now.

I really believe, though, that some of them were simply brainwashed by the in-the-tank-for-Obama media: NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, NY Times, et al, who refused to cover or broadcast the truth about so many stories — ‘Fast & Furious’ and Benghazi being two such examples.

Fox News and the Washington Times are probably the only news sources our side can still trust to any degree.

So, the MSM wins again.

Having said that, the sad truth is that there are a lot of morons in this country.

One final thought: I was proud to vote yesterday. I might not have been all that excited about the choices but I did my civic duty; a right and at the same time a joyous privilege made possible because of the blood shed by many a soldier and patriot over the past almost-250-years.

Judging by the exit polls, a lot more self-described ‘Democrats’ showed up to do their civic duty than did self-described ‘Republicans.’ From WaPo:

As usual, women voted in larger numbers, making up 53 percent of the vote. Democrats made up 38 percent of the vote, with 32 percent Republican and 29 percent independent or something else.

Anyone who didn’t bother to vote has no fucking right to bitch about the outcome. Got that?

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 06 Nov 2012 02:51 am

Let us all pray that enough good folks in this country realize that a change is desperately needed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that they will actually take the trouble to go to their polling place and ‘pull the lever’ for Mitt Romney.

Go vote. And, keep your fingers crossed.

2012 Election and ComputersJeff Soyer on 05 Nov 2012 08:57 am

Computer security and privacy isn’t all it’s cracked-up to be. From Technology Review:

The unsolved problems include the ability of malicious actors to intercept Internet communications, log in as someone else, and hack into servers to rewrite or corrupt code. While these are also big problems in e-ecommerce, if a hacker steals money, the theft can soon be discovered. A bank or store can decide whether any losses are an acceptable cost of doing business.

Voting is a different and harder problem. Lost votes aren’t acceptable. And a voting system is supposed to protect the anonymity of a person’s vote—quite unlike a banking or e-commerce transaction—while at the same time validating that it was cast accurately, in a manner that maintains records that a losing candidate will accept as valid and verified.

Imagine how a computer virus could ‘throw’ an election. It would be worse than how the Main Stream Media tries to.

Lots more at the link.

gun rights and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 05 Nov 2012 08:16 am

It’s a symbolic vote since the State of Illinois has preemption over state gun laws such as the right to CCW. Still, it will send a message to more liberal areas of the state. From the Daily Chronicle:

Gun-rights advocates in at least nine mostly rural counties have placed measures on ballots asking voters if they want Illinois to allow its residents to carry concealed weapons. Illinois is the last U.S. state where it’s entirely illegal.

The measures are nonbinding, since no local law can override state law. But advocates hope the votes help build pressure on lawmakers to support so-called “concealed carry,” an issue that resonates in much of Illinois, and highlights the divide between Chicago’s powerful anti-gun forces and the rest of the state.

More at the link.

Media Bias and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 02 Nov 2012 03:59 am

I was just listening to the 4 am news on WABC radio. Their lead story? That NYC Mayor Michael Blowhard has endorsed Obama. They called it, “A big endorsement.” Really?

Outside of the Big Liberal Apple, does anyone else in the country really care whom he endorses? Bloomberg, uber liberal who switches political parties at the touch of an opportunity, champion of abortion, gay marriage, nanny-statism, big government — and who’s city just got gob-smacked by a hurricane and needs federal ($$$) help to clean-up the mess, has decided to vote for Obama. Let’s all gasp in astonishment at this totally unpredictable turn of events.

Why, I’m almost as speechless as I was upon hearing that Gen. Colin Powell was going to vote for the black guy, again.

That Bloomberg and N.J. Gov. Christie would suck-up to Obama following the storm devastation in their respective locales is not news and, frankly, does anyone really think that storm or no storm, endorsement or not, that either state was going to ‘go’ for Romney? None of this changes any outcome of the election on Tuesday.

While we’re skimming the periphery of Bloomberg’s integrity, hows-about this:

Fresh off his “climate disruption”-driven endorsement of President Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has chosen to divert critical food supplies and power generators from desperate residents of Staten Island to Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

Staten Islanders are not amused.

Update 5:30pm: Bloomberg caves; cancels marathon.

End of update; back to the original post:

Storm related: Utility crews who traveled all the way from Alabama to Seaside Heights, New Jersey to help out, are not amused, either:

Derrick Moore, who works for Decatur Utilities in Decatur, Ala., told WAFF-TV in Huntsville that crews in Seaside Heights, N.J. turned him and his crewmates away, saying they couldn’t do any work there because they’re not union employees.

As a result, crews from Decatur and Huntsville left the Jersey shore and headed to Long Island to pitch in.

So you folks living along the N.J. coast, if you’re still without power, thank your own electric company’s union workers for that.

The Left and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 30 Oct 2012 05:31 pm

I.E. the “Truth to Power” promulgated by liberals. Want a simple summary? This says it all.

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 27 Oct 2012 02:42 pm

I don’t think this campaign ad needs any commentary from me:

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 26 Oct 2012 04:52 am

If it’s okay to ask him for a photo I.D., then what are all the other Democrats so upset with in states around our nation trying to implement the same policy? Here’s the video link.

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 25 Oct 2012 04:52 am

Under Georgia law, it’s illegal but it was still a nice idea:

Eight billboards are raising some eyebrows around Metro Atlanta and the nation.

They offer a free chance in a raffle for a rifle or pistol if you show up at Smyrna’s Adventure Outdoors with your voting sticker, proving you’ve cast a ballot.

Story and video at the link.

More here:

A Friday letter from Chris Harvey, chief investigator for the Georgia Secretary of State, to Wallace clears the promotional campaign, in which someone can enter a Nov. 12 drawing for a Browning rifle and a Glock handgun.

“In our conversation on this matter this morning, you clarified that it was not your intention to restrict the opportunity to enter the drawing only to people who voted, and that anyone who requested to enter the drawing for the free firearm would be allowed to enter, regardless of whether they voted,” Harvey wrote in his Friday letter.

So the raffle is on and is not restricted to voters only.

Must be a Georgia law since we’ve heard plenty of stories in past elections about Democrat operatives giving the homeless cigarettes if they’ll vote and even this year we had them offering T-shirts and food — but in other states.

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 19 Oct 2012 06:58 pm

I’m hoping his day job will be as President starting on January 20th*, 2013. If we are all disappointed at who is sworn in, Mitt Romney could certainly start a new career as a stand-up comedian. I’d prefer that he was our next President but . . .

Anyway, I’m sure most of you have already seen this video but, if not, it shows another dimension of him not exhibited by the overwhelmingly liberal media:

* From USA Today:

Jan. 20 — presidential Inauguration Day — is a Sunday, so all the pomp and ceremony will be pushed back a day.

As is tradition, the winner of the November election will be sworn in privately at noon on Jan. 20, but the actual ceremony will be on Jan. 21.

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 18 Oct 2012 05:11 am

That is what one pundit thinks:

President Obama is in a fix over firearms. He needs to win undecided voters in the swing states to be re-elected, but these areas are largely pro-gun. So after years of trying to dodge the issue, Mr. Obama let it slip in Tuesday’s presidential debate that he’d push a gun ban in a second term. It’s a revelation that could sway the election.

Read the whole thing. I’m not sure that his statement is going to sway any voters. I think that most voters who are ardent absolutists about gun rights (like me) were never considering casting their ballot for Obama anyway.

Liberals and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 17 Oct 2012 05:58 pm

Liberals — excuse me, the politically correct label is now ‘progressives’ — love to claim that they are the open-minded ones, where every opinion and vote counts, and The One promised to unite the country and end the partisan divide and they all swore to bring a new civility to the political discourse. How’s that working out?

Despite numerous media outlets attempting to downplay the issue, Twitter exploded last night following the debate with new threats from Obama supporters to assassinate Mitt Romney if he defeats Obama in the presidential race.

As we reported yesterday, in addition to threats by Obama supporters to riot if Romney wins, innumerable Twitter users are also making direct death threats against Romney.

Will the Secret Service investigate these threats made towards a presidential candidate (whom they are currently offering protection to)?

You know what I’d like to see? Sure, a very, Very Few so-called “right-wingers” make stupid threats. But, I’d really like some non-partisan organization (which would rule out the Southern Poverty Law Center) to study (or tally) all the threats, real or rhetorical, made by each side against the other. If I actually had any money, I’d bet it all on the outcome showing that liberals progressives are responsible for the overwhelming majority of them.

Of course, as with the story above, the — also overwhelmingly liberal — media would ignore such a report.

gun rights and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 17 Oct 2012 04:20 am

I’m going to quote the entire section regarding gun control, or as both candidates tried to spin it, to violence control, much as the moderator tried to bring it back to a discussion of guns.

I “bolded” the statements where both candidates indicated that they would like to, as Romney put it, “making certain guns illegal” and as Obama said, “seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.”

Heads or tails, we lose. Regarding gun rights, who you vote for for President won’t be as important as who you vote for as your Senator or Congressman.

Transcript follows (click “continue reading”):
Continue Reading »

Local News and 2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 16 Oct 2012 06:15 pm

First, the story from the Boston Globe:

Results from the Nov. 6 election in Vermont might not be official until after Thanksgiving if the U.S. Department of Justice is successful in a lawsuit it has brought against the state, the state’s top election official said Tuesday.

The Justice Department announced last week that it was suing Vermont for failing to send out all the ballots requested by military and overseas voters ahead of a Sept. 22 deadline. Federal law requires such ballots to be sent by mail or email 45 days before the general election, which is Nov. 6.

It is, of course, a disgrace to and that Vermont would try to disenfranchise military personnel from their right to vote in this most important election. It’s politically understandable since Vermont government workers and elected officials are Democrats and most service women and men are (or become) Republicans.

But can we get real now? The ‘native’ Vermonters have long-ago been crowded-out by leftist ‘away’ folks.

Does anyone really think that Vermont, in some insane person’s fantasy, is really going to - by any sort of majority - ‘go’ for Romney? Will Vermont’s ‘official tally’ actually change the national vote, Electoral College numbers, after the military votes from our state are official?

I wish it would be so but . . . it won’t. But, as lefties correctly say, let every vote count.

2012 ElectionJeff Soyer on 12 Oct 2012 03:06 am

Not everyone is laughing with him.

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