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Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 10 Dec 2014 06:01 am

From the Washington Times:

Activists have secured enough petition signatures to send a measure that would tighten Nevada’s gun purchase background laws to the state legislature and, if lawmakers don’t act, to the ballot for voters to decide on.

The group Nevadans for Background Checks collected 166,779 signatures on a petition to expand gun-purchase background checks to most gun sales, with some exceptions, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Right now, just licensed dealers are required to perform the checks.

Amazing what Bloomberg’s millions can accomplish.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 08 Dec 2014 12:35 am

File this one under the You Must Be Kidding Department:

Police in Beloit are launching a new effort to reduce gun violence in which they’re asking city residents to volunteer to have police search their homes for guns.

Police Chief Norm Jacobs said he doesn’t expect the phone to be ringing off the hook with requests for police to search their homes…

[ . . . ]

“Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is being represented in the media, and we should fight it using the tools that we’ve learned from our health providers.”

Jacobs said he hopes some searches will result in the discovery of guns they didn’t know were in their own homes. He said that there’s also a chance they’ll find guns linked to crimes.

And any number of other things they can discover while snooping around.

Gun Control Crowd and HollywoodJeff Soyer on 20 Nov 2014 05:04 am

It must be that politically correct stuff. From the NY Daily News:

Jay Leno backed out of performing at a dinner for the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Las Vegas.

Jay Leno has cancelled a hosting gig for a pro-gun group headquartered down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary after activists including the daughter of the school’s slain principal told him to holster his jokes.

“Jay was asked to do what was positioned as a sportsman show, and when he found out it was a pro gun lobby show, he cancelled,” Leno’s spokesman Bruce Bobbins told the Daily News Wednesday night.


Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 18 Nov 2014 06:57 am

If I wasn’t using it as a convenient way to stay in touch with a bunch of friends and former co-workers, I’d have been off of there a long time ago. From AmmoLand:

Hyatt Guns, in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently posted an ad for safes and vaults on their Facebook page as part of a Veterans Day promotion.

Almost immediately, Facebook’s speech police swooped in and ripped the ad from Hyatt’s page. The social networking giant asserts that since Hyatt sell guns, which are banned from Facebook, advertising for these other, innocuous products is also banned, although Facebook’s official policy does not seem to support that.

Facebook seems concerned that clicking on a safe ad might lead to another click that could lead to another click that could lead to a gun advertisement somewhere else . . . or something like that.

More at the link, including ways to voice your displeasure to Mark Zuckerberg.

Gun Control Crowd and Orwellian EducationJeff Soyer on 12 Nov 2014 09:04 am

It’s not the veterans who are shooting blanks:

A Wisconsin veterans group canceled its Veterans Day festivities at an area school district this year because it felt muzzled by objections from school officials.

The biggest objection: That events honoring U.S. servicemen would include firearms.

[ . . . ]

A school official said that they would like to help the veterans group, but that the safety of students come first.

“We like to honor the veterans; we bring them in on a regular basis,” Executive Director of Administration with the district Tim Libham said. “There are just some conditions that we have to adhere to and the shooting of guns, even with blanks, is something we don’t feel is appropriate given society, and the concerns that we have and that the community has, on school premises.”

Gun Control Crowd and Local NewsJeff Soyer on 07 Nov 2014 07:00 am

Vermonters are way left on a lot of things, but gun control isn’t one of them. From Watchdog VT:

An outspoken advocate for gun control lost her seat in the Vermont House of Representatives Tuesday in what Second Amendment groups called a victory for firearms freedom in the Green Mountain State.

Of the various seats Democrats lost in Tuesday’s election, gun rights leaders in Vermont say the defeat of state Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson, D-Essex Junction, was a monumental win for the right to bear arms, and a warning to others who dare to restrict Vermonters’ gun freedom.

“The defeat of Linda Waite-Simpson is a body blow to Gun Sense Vermont,” Eddie Garcia, founder of the Vermont Citizens Defense League, told Vermont Watchdog.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 06 Oct 2014 10:38 pm

One Kroger store manager in Ohio wasn’t about to be intimidated by Moms Demand Action.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 03 Oct 2014 06:55 am

And, they’re hoping that the open carriers are killed by responding cops:

Reacting to a photograph of a man standing at a checkout with a handgun holstered upon his hip, mom-who-demands-action Joyce Ward asks, “Why weren’t the police called immediately?” And “why,” Ward continues, “wasn’t he shot by the police for having a weapon”? Fellow poster Lisa McLogan Shaheen has a similar inquiry, wondering, “Why hasn’t someone called 911 so the cops can gun him down?” Others go a little further, proposing that they might help their cause along if they were actively to bring about an altercation. “Every time I see someone with a gun in a store I will call 911,” Jennifer Decker vows, “they’ll get tired of that right quick!!!” Even that plan is too limited for Ann Marie. “Just call the police every time you see someone with one,” she counsels, “the police will get sick of it eventually or have a run in with one of these clowns and then things will change.”

[ . . . ]

There is no kind way of putting this, I’m afraid: Ultimately, what we are seeing on the fringes of the gun-control movement is the suggestion that American citizens be “SWATted” for their choices — that, in the name of a political disagreement, one party calls the cops on another and, under false pretenses, puts them in harm’s way. Is this reconcilable with “common sense” change?

It is always the liberals who advocate for the death of ideological opponents.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 18 Sep 2014 07:55 am

Mayors against gun violence. Moms against gun violence. French Poodles against gun violence. The list is endless. Nope, not quite:

A New York City district attorney has founded a coalition of 23 prosecutors from around the country aimed at combating gun violence nationwide.

The group, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, is a non-partisan and independent coalition that will work on policy and prosecutorial solutions to gun violence.

And, of course, it always makes it seem (to the media) as if there are groups that support gun violence. Actually, there are; street gangs. But they’re the ones least likely to do serious jail time.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 13 Sep 2014 01:57 am

A gun control group in Nevada is running a signature drive to force a ballot initiative with the goal to require background checks on all gun sales, including private ones. From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

The source links given by Nevadans for Background Checks do not lead to any independent research on gun background checks, but lead solely back to statements by a gun-control advocacy group that are unsupported and ignore conflicting evidence. That said, one of the claims — that “millions” of guns were sold in 2012 without background checks — is likely true.

Stricter gun background checks may be helpful in reducing gun violence. They may not. But using vague source citations and flawed evidence does not help make one’s case.

Truth meter: 3 (out of 10)

Read the whole thing because there’s a pretty good fisking given to most of the claims by Nevadans for Background Checks.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 11 Sep 2014 03:13 am

They’re finally discovering that so-called “assault weapons” are not the problem:

While many gun control groups still officially support the assault weapons ban — “we haven’t abandoned the issue,” as Watts said — they’re no longer actively fighting for it.

“There’s certainly a lot of public sentiment around high capacity magazines and assault weapons,” Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said in an interview this summer. “It’s easy to understand why people feel so passionate about it.”

But, he said, “when you look at this issue in terms of the greatest opportunity to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and prevent gun violence, background checks are a bigger opportunity to do that.”

Bloomberg’s umbrella group, Everytown for Gun Safety, has also deemphasized an assault weapons ban. A 10-question survey the group gave to federal candidates to measure their stances on gun policy did not even ask about a ban.

[ . . . ]

While assault weapons do appear to be used more frequently in mass shootings, like the ones in Newtown and Aurora, Colorado, such shootings are themselves rare events that are only responsible for a tiny fraction of gun homicides each year. The category of guns that are used in the majority of gun murders are handguns.

Much more at the link.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 09 Sep 2014 04:03 am

Not that I know what the fuck a “Panera Bread” is, but now I guess I never will.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 04 Sep 2014 07:04 am

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Kroger was — for the moment — standing firm in following state laws about whether shoppers could open or conceal carry in their stores. Let’s see how they stand up to this:

Moms Demand Action is launching its first ad campaign against a corporate gun policy.

The group, a campaign of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, is running print and digital “homepage takeover” ads in half-a-dozen newspapers criticizing the gun policy at grocery retail chain the Kroger Co. The chain defers to state and local laws for its policy on whether customers may carry guns in its stores.

The six-figure Moms Demand Action campaign will feature print and digital ads in USA Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and Houston Chronicle. Print-only ads will run in the Tennessean.

I’m not sure how effective those ads will be. Tennessee? Texas? People enjoy their gun rights in states like that. Detroit? The police chief there is URGING residents to arm themselves!

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 02 Sep 2014 05:06 am

At NRO, Frank Miniter examines what the billionaires contributing to gun control groups hope to accomplish, and the playbook they’re using:

In a section labeled “Overall Messaging Guidance,” the guide gives its number-one “Key Messaging Principle”: “Always focus on emotional and value-driven arguments about gun violence, not the political food fight in Washington or wonky statistics.” It further explains this strategy by saying, “It’s critical that you ground your messaging around gun violence in prevention by making that emotional connection.” Its second key principle is: “Tell stories with images and feelings.” The guide says, “Our first task is to draw a vivid portrait and make an emotional connection. We should rely on emotionally powerful language, feelings and images to bring home the terrible impact of gun violence.” They realize they’ve lost the rational and empirical debates about what really stops gun violence and instead want the debate enflamed by emotion.

That’s ever the way, of course; you can’t win the argument with rational facts, so legislate by emotions.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 19 Aug 2014 04:47 am

They did so in a letter, stating that they simply follow or allow what local and state law allows. I really do believe that concealed carry is the way to go. Not everyone agrees with me, and for them:

So far, Kroger seems to being doing right by its customers. They have yet to cave to Bloomy’s intimidation tactics. Kroger has done exactly what a non-partisan business should do: They told a bunch of activist liberals that if guns are that big of a problem, the appropriate action should be taken with the city council, state legislature, or federal lawmakers. Not their local purveyor of milk and produce.

The key there is, “so far,” since we’ve seen other large chains cave after a time.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 19 Aug 2014 04:33 am

From the Register Guard:

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has donated $500,000 to a campaign seeking to expand background checks on gun sales in Washington state.

His Aug. 11 donation to Initiative 594 was made public when it was posted on the state’s Public Disclosure Commission website Monday afternoon. Campaign manager Zach Silk said the campaign is grateful for Allen’s support.

Other big names have made large donations to the campaign, including former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his wife, Connie, who have given $580,000, and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, who has given nearly $400,000 and has pledged an additional $530,000.

Initiative 594 would require an NICS instant background check be performed for any sale or transfer of a firearm except between family members.

I’m not against requiring background checks per se, but there needs to be some other exceptions to laws such as this. For instance, if friends are at the range, or are hunting, and one wants to tryout another’s gun, it’s ludicrous to require that they stop by a gun store or police station and (besides paying money) undergo a background check. Further, there ought to be a “known to me” exemption for sales between friends. I guess it all depends on how these proposed laws define the word, “transfer.”

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 18 Aug 2014 05:02 am

From a surprisingly even-handed piece from NBC News, the jury is still out:

With new groups, a revamped strategy, more money and unprecedented collaboration, the gun control movement has made headway. Organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety, the group backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, say they are moving the needle.

“Now, for the first time in our country’s history, there is a well-financed and formidable force positioned to take on the Washington gun lobby,” said Shannon Watts, founder of gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, speaking at an Everytown event on Capitol Hill in May.

Whether that is possible remains to be seen.

In 2012, according to the article, pro-gun groups raised $285 million dollars more than anti-gun groups. Now, with cash infusions from the likes of former NYC Mayor Michael Blowhard, as well as Gabby Gifford’s PAC, that disparity is shrinking.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 15 Aug 2014 02:32 am

From Vermont Watchdog:

A gun-control group committed to universal background checks was the third-largest spender on lobbyists at the Vermont statehouse this quarter, outspending many of the biggest corporate interests in the Green Mountain State.

Gun Sense Vermont, a recently formed group that bills itself as an “independent, grass-roots organization started by Vermonters,” spent $39,000 for lobbyists for the quarter ending July 25, according to records kept by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Not bad for a group claiming only 200 or so members. Obviously the money is coming from Bloomberg or someone like him. Oh, and — of course — Gun Sense Vermont is headed by a flatlander from Connecticut.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 10 Aug 2014 02:15 am

The Second Amendment: A Biography, by Michael Waldman, will no doubt be received with great favor by the liberal media. A reviewer, in this Providence Journal article, makes clear that he himself favors gun control. Nonetheless, he does point out:

Waldman’s case for gun regulation, then, is well-presented, but would have been much stronger had he avoided reducing gun supporters to sloppy stereotypes, and, worse, not giving their viewpoint the slightest credence. While rightfully deriding the National Rifle Association for abandoning its traditional moderation to become the dystopia-mongering jingo troupe of today, he largely stops there, likely deliberately. If his point that gun rights must be refracted through the problems of this century, not the 18th, is well-taken, that will entail looking beneath his simplified “boys with toys” summation of gun-rights advocates to acknowledge that beneath the “From-My-Cold-Dead-Hands” charades their side has a sound logic of its own. The two sides’ positions may be mutually exclusive, but such are the quandaries of democracy.

Gun Control CrowdJeff Soyer on 10 Aug 2014 02:06 am

Recently, a Vermont woman was released from a psychiatric facility following a voluntary commitment. The next day she purchased a handgun and the day after that, she killed herself. Naturally, some gun control groups are trying to capitalize on the incident:

Although Vermont lawmakers say they’re willing to talk about waiting periods, the issue doesn’t appear to be a high priority. More attention, they said, appears to be going toward background checks.

Most acts of violence, especially suicide, are associated with impulsiveness, said Lindsey Zwicker, a staff attorney for the [Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence]. A waiting period is meant to curb those acts.

However, Zwicker said, she is not aware of any hard evidence that waiting periods actually reduce violence or suicides.

“With a mandated waiting period, it would at least provide a cooling-off period, provide an opportunity for someone to seek help, allow them to reconsider, but we can’t say for sure what effect it would have,” Zwicker said.

So, there’s no hard evidence, but let’s pass a law anyway. In the meantime, someone who might fear for their life — from an abusive ex-spouse for instance — would not be able to obtain the ready means to protect themselves during that same waiting period.

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