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Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 07 Feb 2015 07:23 am

From People Magazine (!):

Police say the 67-year-old victim, who has not been named, was walking on a path in a local park when he was approached by 18-year-old Tyler Williams, who tried to rob him, WPVI reports.

“He hears somebody running behind him. As he turns around, he sees a masked man with a gun pointed at him saying, ‘Give it up, give me all you got,’ ” Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the TV station.

Instead of handing over his wallet, the victim pulled out his own .38-caliber handgun and fired at Williams, shooting him in the head, according to NBC. He died at the scene.

Police say that the victim acted properly and no charges are being filed.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 03 Feb 2015 05:16 am

From Fox News:

Lapeer County, MI — An 11-year-old used a shotgun to scare an intruder away from their home.

The 11-year-old was home alone when a vehicle entered the driveway. The individual knocked on all the doors and then forced entry into the residence, the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department said.

The child hid in a bathroom closet with a shotgun, police said. The bathroom and the bathroom closet were eventually forced open by the suspect.

The 11-year-old aimed the gun at the suspect and the suspect fled from the residence, police said, adding the child was not harmed during the incident.

Kudos not only to the child, but to the parents who taught that child well.

Media Bias and Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 26 Jan 2015 04:05 am

Dueling headlines.

1. From Slate:

The Myth of the Good Guy With a Gun

2. From KSL.com:

Police: Concealed permit holder stopped armed robbery of Vernal restaurant

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 08 Oct 2014 03:34 am

I wish there was security camera footage of this! From the Observer-Reporter:

A would-be robbery suspect was beaten up when he found out the hard way a convenience store clerk on the University of Pittsburgh campus is also a former Golden Gloves boxing champ.

The boxer, Eric Sydnor, told KDKA-TV he just did what he had to do when 45-year-old Leverett Johnson walked into the convenience store with a gun Saturday night.

“He got slammed,” Sydnor told the station.

Johnson was still in the hospital Tuesday, recovering from the beating Sydnor administered, police said.

Sorry, this made me smile.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 27 Sep 2014 03:02 am

First of all, regarding the gruesome beheading in OKC, I saw this excellent Tweet:

And just in the last 24-hours, three other stories in similar vein:

From the Baxter Bulletin (wherever that is):

A parolee found himself in the wrong house and at the wrong end of a gun this morning. Bryan Keith Sutterfield, 31, of Mountain Home, is back behind bars thanks to a man who caught him allegedly burglarizing a house, according to Sheriff John Montgomery.

Cpl. Kristofer Savino responded to a 911 call about 9:45 a.m. on County Road 69 near Maple Hollow Lane. The caller reported he had caught a man burglarizing his mother’s home and was holding him at gunpoint in the front yard. According to the sheriff, the caller had caught the interloper inside the house carrying a box of jewelry and detained him as he called 911.

Meanwhile, in California… From the Turlock City News:

Around 10 p.m., a victim was standing outside of her home on the 2500 block of Crowell Road when she was approached by a male subject.

The suspect allegedly pulled the victim’s hair and held a gun to the back of her head, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

She was ordered to go into her home to retrieve her purse for the suspect, but instead reached for protection.

According to Lewis, the victim acted as though she was unlocking a safe with her purse in it, but opened a gun safe and pulled a handgun on the suspect.

The suspect immediately fled out of the front door, said Lewis.

Meanwhile, at a store in Virginia… From the Suffolk News-Herald:

He came in the door with a handgun and demanded money, Simmons said. He then raised the gun up as if about to fire.

“I didn’t think that was real cute,” Simmons said.

Simmons drew his own weapon and chased the robber out the door with four rounds, he said.

“I inspired him to get out of town,” he said.

I understand that criminals are becoming the largest donators to gun control groups.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 08 Sep 2014 07:02 am

With anti-Semitism on the rise, and Jewish houses of worship becoming prospective targets for Islamic attack, more Jews are arming themselves:

Some rabbis approve of congregants coming armed to synagogue, though they are a minority.

Rabbi Stuart Federow, who leads Shaar Hashalom, a Conservative congregation in Houston, said that because synagogues are a prime terrorist target, he is thankful for congregants who arm themselves. He said that dozens of people of all ages show up to an informal Jewish group called Glocks & Bagels, which meets infrequently at a local firing range.

“I know there are members of my congregation who do, in fact, carry a gun when they are at my synagogue. I have no problem with them doing that,” Federow said.

Congregation Shearith Israel, in Atlanta, has no official policy allowing guns, which makes the carrying of a firearm inside the building illegal. But apart from the “philosophical” problem of violating the law, the congregation’s rabbi, Hillel Norry, said he does not mind if a congregant brings a concealed weapon to services. “We have an armed security guard… every Shabbat,” Norry said. “But he’s just one guy.”

Much more at the link.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 29 Aug 2014 07:25 am

That’s the question asked of 17 Alabamans in this article.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 25 Aug 2014 05:34 am

From the Citizens’ Voice (PA):

The victim was walking in the area of Hazle and Bank streets around 1:30 a.m. when the males confronted him.

One suspect pointed a gun at the victim and said, “What do you got for me?”

The victim told police he grabbed the robber’s gun as he drew his own semi-automatic firearm, sending the suspects running.

Gutsy maneuver, but it is possible (if the punk is close enough to you) to disable some firearms by grabbing them a certain way. Revolvers are easy if you seize it in a way that the cylinder can’t turn.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 22 Aug 2014 03:50 am

Naturally, it’s not REALLY mandatory that all households own a firearm, but in this town, pretty much everyone had one already.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 17 Aug 2014 05:57 am

The only businesses not being looted or worse in Ferguson are the ones with armed employees and owners:

Society has broken down in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s not the Zombie Apocalypse but a toxic stew has left law-abiding American citizens helpless. Thank God and the American Constitution some of those citizens own guns.

The gentlemen pictured above reportedly guarded their business establishment during last night’s rioting. This morning they still have a business. Others weren’t so lucky.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 15 Aug 2014 02:09 am

This happened at the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Guy has a Georgia carry permit. Georgia has a new “guns everywhere” law. Guy first checks website of the museum — nothing on it about weapons being prohibited. Guy and his wife go to museum. He’s open carrying. No “guns prohibited” sign on the door. Guy finds himself surrounded by security guards. From 11 Alive TV:

Ariemma says they took his gun from him, took it apart, escorted him outside, watched him place the pieces inside the trunk of his car, then escorted him back to his wife, inside.

At one point, he says, one of the security officers said something about the museum’s policy on guns. “They said, ‘We’re sorry, we should have had it posted on the door, we should have had it on the website.’ I said, look I’m sorry, but it wasn’t posted or I would have gladly abided by the rules, and I would have put the gun back in the car.

Video at the link. Incidentally, later that same day, suddenly there was a notice on the museum’s website stating that guns are not allowed.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 14 Aug 2014 11:36 pm

The Blaze interviews Frank Miniter about his new book.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 29 Jul 2014 03:07 am

WKRN News 2

Note, though, that the news reporter withholds the store clerk’s identity to protect him, but then blithely identifies his mother.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 20 Jul 2014 11:46 pm

A veteran working the night shift at a local supermarket was concealed-carrying. He stopped a robbery. He was fired for violating the store’s no-gun policy. You can read my June 19th post about it here. Anyway, the good news is that he’s working at another store where being armed is A-OK. He’s drawn the attention of the NRA. Video at the link.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 31 May 2014 11:41 pm

Well, it’s pretty obvious to all of us who take our personal defense seriously, but the Seattle Times decided to do a photo essay.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 08 May 2014 08:09 pm

From the Blaze:

Ainsworth was reportedly shot three times in the side and once in the hand. The woman then pulled her .45 and started blasting away at the violent thugs.

“I said, ‘You mother (expletive),’ and pulled out (my gun) and started shooting,” she told WDIV-TV.

Both of her attackers were later arrested after they checked in at Sinai-Grace Hospital to receive treatment for gunshot wounds. One of the men was reportedly shot in both of his legs.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 29 Apr 2014 02:48 am

From NBC Montana:

The law may be in for a challenge in the 2015 legislative session. Several lawmakers have publicly acknowledged their in intent to repeal the law, noting the number of cases where the law is applied.

Monday, State Representative Ellie Hill of Missoula submitted a draft request to do just that. The request came after a German foreign exchange student was killed by a homeowner in a Grant Creek neighborhood. Hill says, “human life is more important than a ‘reasonable belief’ that you are protecting your property.”

In fact, Rep. Hill would like you to help the thug carry your stuff out to his car. If he doesn’t have one, you should give him the keys to yours.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 17 Mar 2014 04:43 pm

Naturally, this happened in California:

A California man whom neighbors praised for scaring off burglars at a neighbor’s house by firing warning shots may face charges for discharging his gun.

[ . . . ]

The good neighbor called 911, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, but law enforcement never arrived. An hour later, the burglar was back to pilfer more possessions. That’s when the man got his handgun and told the burglar to stop. When he didn’t, the man fired several warning shots. The burglar fled with his two accomplices, leaving behind money, a laptop, and other items.

But according to the local District Attorney’s office, the ending might not be so happy for the man who fired the shots. Attorneys are investigating whether to hit him with charges of negligently discharging a firearm.

Day after day, story after story about the abuses committed by prosecutors and cops. That’s why I know longer give a shit when I read that something happens to them. That goes for federal agents as well.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 23 Feb 2014 05:28 am

From WXYZ:

Three different homeowners in Detroit used guns to defend themselves against intruders this week.

Two suspects were shot and killed.

“I think it’s just a matter of the individual homeowners protecting themselves and finally catching up with the criminals in that enough is enough and they aren’t going to take it anymore,” said Detroit Police Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson.

I can’t think of better reasons than those.

Armed CitizenJeff Soyer on 31 Dec 2013 06:02 am

Let me quote just three paragraphs from this Bluefield Daily Telegraph story:

Summarizing this incident, a young man out on bond for armed robbery was holding an employee of a retail establishment at gunpoint, and was challenged by a Good Samaritan with a gun, who then shot the young man when the Good Samaritan thought he was about to be shot.

Where this story gets really strange is in the reaction of Adric White’s family. The relatives of this young man who had already been charged in one armed robbery and was wounded in a second attempt to rob a store at gunpoint might reasonably condemn the young man’s behavior and be thankful that this wayward son is still alive and in relatively good condition, and therefore might be subject to rehabilitation. But that is not how at least some of his relatives reacted.

[ . . . ]

“If his (the customer’s) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him — what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever,” FOX10 reported the relative as saying.

There was no photo of the thug, but a quick search for “Adric White” on Google Images brought up his mug-shots. That confirmed to me that maybe, in my speculative opinion, the relative thinks this is another “Trayvon Martin” case.

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