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GeneralJeff Soyer on 03 Sep 2014 07:38 am

I just can’t imagine going through one of these. It starts out bad, and just gets worse and worse:

Update: Video is gone. Oh well…

GeneralJeff Soyer on 28 Aug 2014 04:19 am

I have family visiting.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 21 Aug 2014 05:10 am

I’m not sure that this is a good thing. From the Sidney Morning Herald:

Find yourself thinking that the spider living in your garden is the biggest you’ve ever seen? You could be right.

New research shows some spiders are getting larger and even doing better in cities than in their natural habitats.

In a study published today in PLOS ONE, we show that city living is leading to bigger spiders that have the potential to produce more young.

Here are real photographs taken with actual cameras using genuine film:

(Yes, I like my old cars.)

GeneralJeff Soyer on 12 Aug 2014 05:40 am

There really isn’t a case to be made for that in this article. More like a physical health issue, judging by two of the three examples given.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 28 Jul 2014 10:03 am

From Variety:

Sarah Palin – former governor of Alaska, erstwhile candidate for VP of the U.S. and polarizing public figure – has unveiled a new subscription-based Internet TV network that promises direct access to her and her supporters.

The Sarah Palin Channel, which costs $9.95 per month or $99.95 for a one-year subscription, will feature her commentary on “important issues facing the nation,” as well as behind-the-scenes looks into her personal life as “mother, grandmother, wife and neighbor.” Palin serves as executive editor, overseeing all content posted to the channel.

Um, no thanks.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 04 Jul 2014 10:16 am

GeneralJeff Soyer on 02 Jul 2014 03:24 am

Yeah, actually it’s a thing:

Attention aspiring ufologists: July 2 is World UFO Day.

It’s a day to raise awareness of what some think are extraterrestrial visits to our planet. The day roughly corresponds to the date of perhaps the most well-known UFO story.

In July 1947, debris was discovered on a ranch northwest of Roswell, N.M., that some think came from an alien spacecraft. Eye witnesses claimed they saw alien bodies at the crash site.

An initial statement from the Air Force said a “flying saucer” had crashed. Later the service said the debris came from a weather balloon.

Judging by the fact that I was alone in the theater at the time, I think I was the only person to see the movie, Hanger 18.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 22 Jun 2014 04:32 am

A lot of folks owe their lives to Stephanie Kwolek:

Police Lt. David Spicer took four .45-caliber slugs to the chest and arms at point-blank range and lived to tell about it. Like thousands of other police officers and soldiers shot in the line of duty, he owes his life to a woman in Delaware by the name of Stephanie Kwolek.

Kwolek, who died Wednesday at 90, was a DuPont Co. chemist who in 1965 invented Kevlar, the lightweight, stronger-than-steel fiber used in bulletproof vests and other body armor around the world.

A pioneer as a woman in a heavily male field, Kwolek made the breakthrough while working on specialty fibers at a DuPont laboratory in Wilmington. At the time, DuPont was looking for strong, lightweight fibers that could replace steel in automobile tires and improve fuel economy.

Details about how she came upon her discovery are at the link.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 19 Jun 2014 04:31 am

Having your gun license picture taken while wearing a colander on your head is frowned upon in Australia.

Authorities showed up at his house, took the license and his four firearms, and demanded he see a psychologist. Eventually he got his guns back but they made him retake the license photo. It’s the aluminum hat conspiracy.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 12 Jun 2014 08:25 am

That for alternative content — mostly humorous — ‘friend’ me on Facebook. There’s a lot there that I don’t put up as public posts, only as friend posts.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 05 Jun 2014 10:49 pm

Ten-years-ago, I asked Alphecca readers to come up with satiric newspaper stories showing how modern journalists and ‘thinkers’ might treat our entry into World War II, and D-Day. Many readers and bloggers responded and I put it all together as a 3-page special site. I’d forgotten about it until earlier today when I was meandering through my online host files. If you’d like, see for yourself here. I haven’t edited it at all in all these years. Navigation is located at the bottom of each page.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 26 May 2014 05:05 am

From Arlington National Cemetery, final resting place for many of our fallen heroes:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

Instead of the sale at a big box store, why not take your children to the local monument honoring your town’s war dead? Most towns have one and spending a few minutes there in silent prayer to say, “Thanks,” wouldn’t interrupt your day much.

And, at the barbecue, leave a place setting for the spirit or ghost of a soldier.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 03 May 2014 10:03 am

This picture was taken a few minutes ago at a friend’s house. His son took this wolf in Canada. Weight: 124lbs. Length: 7′ nose-to-tail. Taxidermist did a terrific job and it’s mounted sort-of in leaping position:

GeneralJeff Soyer on 28 Apr 2014 10:34 pm

From the National Review:

They want to change the culture of gun owners, not just the laws they must obey. I’m sure you can imagine other communities that would not react with warmth if you appeared one day and announced, “Hi, I’m here to change your culture!” I’m sure most of these progressive gun control advocates think that one of history’s greatest crimes was the way that European colonists changed and in some cases eradicated the cultures of native peoples… but in the here and now, they see absolutely nothing wrong with going forth, encountering people who live differently from them, and declaring, “these savages have to be civilized!”

Read the whole thing.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 26 Apr 2014 05:31 am

…I put up alternate content (less guns, more humor) at my Facebook page. Some is public, some not. Just “friend me” to see it all.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 23 Apr 2014 08:42 pm

Subaru really does have some spiffy commercials. Too bad they don’t show them here in the U.S.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 18 Apr 2014 05:26 am

Not sure why, but my arthritis (hands) is really bad this morning. Too painful to work the keyboard. Talk amongst yourselves.

GeneralJeff Soyer on 17 Apr 2014 05:11 am

Growing up in the early sixties, everyone in my home played his two 10-inch LP’s at least once a week. His weird humorous songs were so bizarre that, not yet into my teens, I thought I was listening to something clandestine — except that my parents loved him, too. Anyway, of late there’s been several articles about Lehrer (who is still alive, BTW) including this excellent one at BuzzFeed.

He’s also seemingly unconcerned about protecting his work — now, or after his death, as detailed at TechDirt:

While Lehrer has made startlingly little effort to ensure a future for his work, a handful of superfans have filled in the gap. One is Erik Meyn, a Norwegian who manages the Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel on YouTube, a feed of performance videos and playlists that has received more than 10 million views since 2007. Meyn originally posted content to the channel without Lehrer’s permission and called him from overseas in December 2008 to apologize, a conversation he later posted on the “Tom Lehrer!” Facebook page. An excerpt:

TL: Well, you see, I’m fine with that channel.

EM: You’re very kind. But my question is: Who in your family will take care of your copyright and your songs in the distant future?

TL: I don’t have a family.

EM: OK, but what do you think will happen to the channel and your songs? And if you have someone who will act on your behalf, could you give them my name in case they’d want the channel taken down?

TL: Yes, but there’s no need to remove that channel.

EM: I was just wondering what will happen in the future, because you’re certainly going to continue to sell records.

TL: Well, I don’t need to make money after I’m dead. These things will be taken care of.

EM: I feel like I gave away some of your songs to public domain without even asking you, and that wasn’t very nice of me.

TL: But I’m fine with that, you know.

For those of you who are not acquainted with Tom Lehrer, here are a few of his works. Keep in mind that he wrote and performed these in the 50’s and 60’s:

General and Bad CopsJeff Soyer on 15 Apr 2014 02:53 am

From the Chicago Tribune:

One by one, five police officers took the witness stand at the Skokie courthouse late last month for what would typically be a routine hearing on whether evidence in a drug case was properly obtained.

But in a “Perry Mason” moment rarely seen inside an actual courtroom, the inquiry took a surprising turn when the suspect’s lawyer played a police video that contradicted the sworn testimony of the five officers — three from Chicago and two from Glenview, a furious judge found.

Cook County Circuit Judge Catherine Haberkorn suppressed the search and arrest, leading prosecutors to quickly dismiss the felony charges. All five officers were later stripped of their police powers and put on desk duty pending internal investigations. And the state’s attorney’s office is looking into possible criminal violations, according to spokeswoman Sally Daly.

Details of the case, and video, at the link. Is there anyone in Chicago that ISN’T corrupt?

GeneralJeff Soyer on 08 Apr 2014 03:48 am

PETA wants to turn Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home into a vegan restaurant:

The home, now listed for $295,000, was the location of Dahmer’s first murder in 1978. He killed, dismembered, and scattered the remains of Steven M. Hicks around the 1.5-acre property. Dahmer would later take the lives of 16 more victims. Newkirk wrote in her letter, “Dahmer’s old house gives us a way to evoke sympathy for these victims and to suggest that a life-affirming diet can change everything.” It is unclear what Ms. Newkirk meant by ‘everything.’

Zoning inspector and administrator Bill Funk explained that the group would, “have a lot of hurdles to jump,” because the house is located in a Bath Township residential zone where businesses are not allowed. However, PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt asserts that they are serious about the proposal and they have even thought of a name and a possible menu for their future restaurant. They’re planning on calling the restaurant, Eat For Life: Home Cooking, and they intend to offer vegan dishes at a cost of $10 or less.

They’ve even got a a cover for their menu:

Oh, wait, that’s not it. This is it here:

So much material, so little time. Finger food that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Guess who’s for dinner? Better than Rocky Mountain oysters! Breast or thigh? Full rack or half-rack of ribs? How’s the leg-of-Lynn today? Bonnie Appétit . . .

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