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World NewsJeff Soyer on 23 Dec 2014 04:43 am

Sad news. From the Independent:

Heartfelt tributes have poured in for the legendary blues and soul singer Joe Cocker, who has died of lung cancer aged 70.

Cocker, who was born in Sheffield and enjoyed a career spanning more than 50 years, died today in Colorado where he lived with his wife Pam.

I saw Cocker, with Mad Dogs and Englishmen, in NYC when I was in my teens. Absolutely awesome concert. By the way, I also saw (in my teens) a young John Belushi in an off-off Broadway play which was a spoof of Woodstock, and he did his imitation of Cocker. Just shows what growing old is about when you see the stars you grew up with passing away….

World NewsJeff Soyer on 18 Dec 2014 05:49 am

One politician in Australia gets it:

Calm and measured discussion about the right to “practical self-defence” was necessary in the wake of the Sydney terrorist siege, a pro-gun Australian senator said on Thursday.

David Leyonhjelm, the federal crossbench senator for the Liberal Democrats, said Australians were a nation of “disarmed victims,” unable to protect themselves with weapons, reports Xinhua.

[ . . .]

“What happened in that cafe would have been most unlikely to have occurred in Florida, Texas or Vermont or Alaska in America, or perhaps even Switzerland as well,” Leyonhjelm told ABC.

The senator said it was “unforgivable” that Australia had turned into “a nation of victims”.

And when mass shootings happen here in the U.S., it’s almost always in a gun free zone.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 26 Nov 2014 06:54 am

Some just refuse to let go of the Dark Ages. From Reuters:

Gunmen killed three Pakistani women polio workers and their driver on Wednesday, police said, in the most deadly attack on the health workers in two years.

Teams in Pakistan working to immunize children against polio are often targeted by Taliban militants, who say the campaign is a cover for Western spies, or accuse workers of distributing vaccines designed to sterilize children.

Most of those beheaded by ISIS were also aid workers.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 09 Sep 2014 04:43 am

I had been wondering: If Scotland does vote “yes” to independence, would they loosen their gun laws? Sebastian takes a look at the issue.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 30 Jun 2014 05:20 am

Update: Alas, the video was taken down.

Update 2: Found another copy of the video — but can’t embed it:

Watching the demolition of a clothing factory in the Czech Republic, this guy dodges a very big bullet.

Be honest: You flinched the first time you watched it.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 08 Jun 2014 04:30 am

Jamaica isn’t the most tolerant of countries when it comes to gays, but apparently they’re becoming more so at the barrel of a gun. Here’s a headline from the Jamaica Observer:

Gun-toting gays drive fear in citizens of garrison communities.

The article is a hoot for the way it’s written, and it quotes people absolutely verbatim:

A woman who was in earshot answered his question without flinching.

“A b…man dat. Nuh look pan him too hard,” the woman said, “a pure bad man him tek.”

As the man engaged in conversation with some of the women present, no one even flinched or displayed any sign of antagonism toward him.

One of the women even joked that he was boasting a ‘hickey’ on his neck.

“But you have hickey, man?” the woman said.

“How you mean? You no see rain a fall an’ me haffi get me hickey,” the man said.

* * * * * *

One resident of the community spoke to the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

“The people get used to him. Nobody don’t trouble him and, worse, the woman dem love the almshouse. The boy dem might run him but nobody nuh beat him and, worse, dem look up to him father when him was alive,” the woman said.

* * * * * *

The man admitted to being a prostitute and said that his “best” client was a leading member of a popular gang.

“When him come him rent big hotel room and him just take out him gun put it pan the dresser and deal with me. If yu see him the next day and call him b… man yu dead,” said the man who gave his name as ‘Emily’.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 15 May 2014 01:11 am

In Nigeria, gun ownership is prohibited. So, only the bad guys have them. From Sun News Online:

Will the Nigerian Government stand idly and watch as armed hoodlums decimate Ni­gerians in their thousands before it can do the needful to legalize individual firearms own­ership under certain regulations? My take is that the Nigerian Government must liberal­ize firearms ownership in Nigeria as one way of safeguarding right to life since the armed forces and police have proved seriously chal­lenged and unable to be everywhere to pro­tect the lives of Nigerians and the constitu­tion makes it imperative that the security and welfare of every citizen is the primary duty of government. A stitch in time saves nine.

Read the whole thing. Groups like Boko Haram operate without opposition, killing and kidnapping at will because their victims are unarmed.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 05 Apr 2014 03:26 am

In England, they find a way… From the Telegraph:

Criminals are increasingly using antique guns in a bid to get around UK gun laws, the Director of Public Prosecutions has warned.

Offenders are using old fashioned firearms which they can claim are “ornaments or curiosities” if they are caught in possession of them.

Under the law, possession of antique weaponry is lawful so long as the firearms are only used for ornamental purposes.

But if they are used for criminal purposes or fired, and the owner has not licensed it appropriately, then the exemption is lost.

Here’s a picture of a gun used there recently to murder someone:

Beauty, huh? Nicely restored! However, apparently it’s functional.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 18 Feb 2014 03:33 am

Seriously; I kid you not:

Two female gun cops have won a sex discrimination claim because weapons were too big for their hands.

Victoria Wheatley and Rachael Giles, described as “petite in stature with small hands” could not reach the triggers of their Glock 17 pistols and their trainers failed to adjust them during test shoots.

Incidentally, the article keeps mentioning Glock 17, and has a photo labeled as a Glock 17, but the photo is of a Browning pistol.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 03 Feb 2014 04:20 am

It’s from Australia, and probably not a real, endorsed ad, but rather a prank by a pair of comedians.

Warning: Gory.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 27 Jan 2014 05:29 am

From Zee News, India:

Pyongyang: In a brutal purge to obliterate any trace of his uncle Jang Song-thaek, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of all the blood relatives of the traitor uncle, said reports.

The North Korean regime carried out “extensive executions” of Jang Song-thaek’s entire family, not sparing even children.

‘Some relatives were shot to death by pistol in front of other people if they resisted while being dragged out of their apartment homes,’ the Daily Mail quoted South Korea’s Yonhap agency.

Seriously, this fat, little punk-shit needs to go. I have no doubt that — although we’d stomp him like a narc at a biker rally afterwords — he’s just insane enough to start lobbing nukes at his neighbors or at us.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 24 Nov 2013 02:34 pm

The NY Times, Washington Post, NPR, and the rest of the pro-Obama lap dogs will no-doubt praise this “deal.” They shouldn’t. As Judith Levy puts it:

The short version of the interim deal just struck between the P5+1 countries and Iran is this: Iran gave away almost nothing, got a major financial payoff, and will retain its entire nuclear infrastructure. The US got a check mark on Obama’s legacy ledger, under the column Stuff I Did That Looks Reasonably Good If You’re Myopic Or Uninterested But In Fact Conceals a Seething Cauldron of Awful That Will Probably Not Affect Me Personally, Since I Will Be Out of Office When the Full Magnitude of This Failure Becomes Manifest.

Read the whole thing. And — yes — another subject I’m interested in that you are not. But, it’s my blog.

World News and Police StateJeff Soyer on 16 Nov 2013 06:21 am

So some cops in Scotland are just as douchey as some over here. Story here.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 21 Oct 2013 06:31 am

They sure do hate their children:

Health teams in Pakistan have been attacked repeatedly since the Taliban denounced vaccines as a Western plot to sterilize Muslims and imposed bans on inoculation in June 2012.

In North Waziristan, a region near the Afghan border that has been cordoned off by the Taliban, dozens of children, many under the age of two, have been crippled by the viral disease in the past six months.

And, according to the article, it’s starting to spread.

But, what can you expect from a people that think it’s alright to use kids as suicide bombers?

World NewsJeff Soyer on 04 Oct 2013 03:08 pm

For all of its faults, I’m still grateful to have been born in and live in America. If I was living in England, I’d have to exist in a bullshit world like this:

A GRANDFATHER who hid a handgun and deadly bullets under a haystack in his garden has had his jail sentence more than doubled by top judges.

Police found the loaded and “potentially lethal” Luger 9mm pistol at the home of 58-year-old Joseph Wright in Burnhope in County Durham.

Wright, of Holmside Lane, was jailed for 18 months at Durham Crown Court by Recorder Bryan Cox QC in July after he pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited firearm and prohibited ammunition.

But three senior judges at London’s Appeal Court today upheld a bid by Solicitor General, Oliver Heald QC, to have Wright’s jail term upped to five years, after accepting his original sentence was “unduly lenient”.

So, now his prison sentence has been increased to five-years. . . . for something that — outside of a few liberal-ass states — wouldn’t draw a blink from anyone, cops or journalists here in our country. Yeah, it sucks living in CA, NY, NJ, MD, MA, and a couple of other states. BUT: If you’re lucky and (like me) live in 40-or-so-others, you would never experience such nonsense as this poor grandfather did in the “What the hell is the Magna Carta?” country of Great Britain.

Don’t you just love how the reporter says that a gun can be “potentially lethal” and the “deadly bullets” references? In my neck-of-the-woods, a loaded gun would be considered a potentially life-saving device that everyone should hang on the wall next to the fire-extinguisher. Okay, maybe keep it in the drawer of your nightstand. That was the advice of the Captain of the Bradford Barracks’ State Troopers at a “Civilian Police Academy Course” I took here in the mid ’90’s.

Having implied that I feel safe and snug here in Vermont, USA, I also understand that the natural right of self-defense that most of us (and I) enjoy at this moment can be quickly erased by electing the wrong types, the liberals, “the government will rock our cradle” crowd. Be strong and start being vocal. You are not alone or unique; a whole lot of us believe in freedom and liberty and a very small government that just protects the borders and otherwise . . . otherwise just gets the fuck out of the way. Oops! I just woke-up and realize that dream will never happen. Rats!

World NewsJeff Soyer on 10 Sep 2013 12:21 pm

Remember when liberals were referring to Bush as a cowboy? So, here’s Obama playing cowboy, itchin’ for a fight. Just begging Congress and the American People and other nations to back him as he lobs a few bombs into Syria.

And then Putin comes along and plays peace-maker, offering a way out of the mess without exploding anything.

And the Democrats thinks this doesn’t make Obama look like an amateur and a fool.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 01 Sep 2013 02:52 pm

You know, you can’t make this stuff up. There are no ‘winners’ in Egypt (or anywhere else in the region) but the current biggest loser regime - acting on a citizen’s tip - have arrested a bird:

[Egyptian] Officials say a man brought the suspected winged infiltrator to a police station Friday in the Qena governorate, some 280 miles southeast of Cairo. The man suspected the bird was an undercover agent because it carried an electronic device, officials said.

The head of security in Qena said Saturday that officials examined the bird and the device. Mohammed Kamal said it was neither an explosive nor a spying device, but likely a wildlife tracker.

But, just in case, they’ll probably stone it to death as specified in the Religion of Peace manual. After all, it could be a very life-like drone.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 27 Aug 2013 08:06 am

From Himvani News:

Two leopards have been gun down by the sharp shooters in the state as three people had been killed including a women. Two others got injured in five separate assaults, forcing the wild life authority to declare both leopards as man eaters in last one month in Seeraj Assembly segment facing the panic of leopards.

I’ll refrain from adding my world famous “big-ass [sic]” because this is from the English edition of a foreign newspaper. It’s been awhile since the Brits’ exit.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 26 Aug 2013 03:51 am

Mass stabbings continue in China:

A disgruntled man went on a stabbing spree in a southwestern Chinese city, killing four people and wounding 11, police said Monday, in the latest in a string of apparently random attacks across the country.

[ . . . ]

Last week, a knife-wielding man killed three people and wounded 12 aboard a bus in the central province of Henan for unknown reasons. Last month, a man charged into a government family planning office and stabbed six workers, two of whom died, following a dispute over violating the country’s one-child policy.

This is not a new occurrence there. Sometimes they have multiple attacks on school children:

Today another knife attack on children has been reported from southern China. A man broke into a kindergarten this morning and laid about him with a knife, injuring 28 children, five of them now in danger of their lives, and three staff. . .

Only yesterday 15 children were injured when a mentally ill man cut loose in a primary school in Guangdong Province, the one nearest to Hong Kong. Also yesterday, a man was executed in the next-door province of Fujian for stabbing eight primary school children to death as they queued outside their classroom at the end of March.

The point of this post is to again stress that mass killings are not caused by inanimate objects — be they guns, knives, or the fertilizer used in Oklahoma City — but rather are the result of very sick, mentally ill people who should not be on the streets. Or by criminals, who are also, in my opinion, mentally ill.

You can ban all the things you want and a nut-case will still find a way to create mayhem and misery. Only by allowing the law abiding, and that includes teachers in schools, to be armed against a (fortunately rare) attack do you at least have a chance to end these events more quickly.

World NewsJeff Soyer on 13 Aug 2013 03:53 am

Don’t go skinny-dipping.

And as long as we’re talking animals:

From Wired:

For a brief time after their hearts stop beating, electrical activity that some scientists have linked to consciousness in humans continues in the brains of rats — a finding that could shed light on reports of near-death experiences in humans, and opens new possibilities for studying consciousness.

Thank you. I believe that I’ve now used-up my weird-stories quota for the day.

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