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UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 09 Sep 2014 09:48 am

An audit of a utility in Tennessee turned up some strange things:

WCUD officials wrote off the $149.88 balance of one customer’s account late last year in exchange for a .38 caliber revolver.

Sometimes those guns can sell for more than twice that amount, according to various websites Tennessee Watchdog reviewed Monday.

“We were advised that the district manager had an agreement with the customer to pay two months of his utility charges in exchange for a .38 caliber revolver. The district manager subsequently reversed the write-off and wrote a personal check to the district in January 2014, after the district’s board of commissioners became aware of the transaction,” auditors wrote.

They found plenty of other stuff going on there, too.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 12 Aug 2014 05:48 am

Hmmm. From The Advocate:

A Baton Rouge gun dealer known nationally as the star of Discovery Channel’s reality television show “Sons of Guns” was arrested over the weekend, accused of recently molesting a girl at his Greenwell Springs Road home.

Read the whole thing for details. The charge was made by a disgruntled former employee. Granted, I don’t really know anything about it other than what I read in the article, but it sounds bogus to me. I’m nearly convinced that the accused is really the victim.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 07 Mar 2014 02:22 am

Okay, this is hilarious and it happened in Ohio. After spending a day in jail, a couple are dropped off at their house. Shortly thereafter, they call the cops to report that their home was burglarized. From Cleveland.com:

A Russell officer was dispatched to investigate. He met with the homeowners who pointed out damage to their front door and the home’s interior. They also reported their guns were missing and their dog had been locked in the back room.

The officer reminded the woman that she had damaged the front door on the previous day by beating it with a shovel to break it down and that the interior damage occurred during their fight. The couple indicated that they were starting to remember those things.

The officer also reminded the man that he had locked up the dog when police were called to the home the previous afternoon. He had also assisted the police in turning over their guns. The man said he didn’t realize he had done that. He was told that the guns were being held at the police station.

The couple apologized for the misunderstanding and thanked the officer for clearing things up for them.

I’m not sure I want them getting their guns back.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 26 Feb 2014 08:06 am

From Gawker:

Great news if you can’t grow a beard and have a few thousand dollars to spare: “Facial hair transplants” are reportedly on the rise in New York.

According to DNAinfo.com, Dr. Yael Halaas has performed an average of one beard transplant per month on men from Brooklyn’s “hipster”-filled neighborhoods, like Bushwick, Park Slope, and Williamsburg.

“I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects,” Halaas said.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, who has been performing beard transplants for more than 12 years, told DNAinfo he averages about three beard transplants per week in his offices in Miami and Manhattan.

I’m assuming these transplants are onto men, and not onto women wearing plaid shirts. I wonder if they’re also offering follically challenged men chest hair, too.

Me? I loath shaving; it’s my least favorite chore each morning, but I hate having “scruff” or a beard even more.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 14 Jan 2014 05:23 pm

While doing a Google search, this confusing story came up:

This is kind of awesome, I think. You may feel otherwise, but that just means your [sic] an idiot.

San Francisco Bay Area death and doom act Scolex have a new member.

Who? Guitarist Eric Cutler, known for his work with Autopsy.

Well okay then; I’m an idiot. And old. But, I guess the youngsters get it.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 04 Jan 2014 04:50 am

Please tell me this wasn’t a doctoral candidate’s thesis:

If time travelers do walk among us, they’re doing a great job of keeping a low profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

New research posted online last week from Michigan Technological University summarizes a search for time travelers using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Physics professor Robert Nemiroff and Ph.D. candidate Teresa Wilson from the university published the work after scouring the internet for “prescient” information, or content “that should not have been known at the time it was posted.”

The researchers were not able to identify any potential time travelers.

Well, as Bigfoot believers like to say, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 28 Oct 2013 06:42 am

Caution: Gory.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 01 Oct 2013 03:49 am

Then, you definitely don’t want to even look at these pictures of cliff paths. Some are simply amazing. Even contributions in the comments are wild, with bike riders pulling stunts on very narrow — guardrails-not-included — way-high-up trails.

Best comment, when asked if he had a fear of heights, was, “No, I have a fear of falling from those heights.”

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 21 Sep 2013 06:30 am

This is a scary historical incident. From the Guardian:

A secret document, published in declassified form for the first time by the Guardian today, reveals that the US Air Force came dramatically close to detonating an atom bomb over North Carolina that would have been 260 times more powerful than the device that devastated Hiroshima.

The document, obtained by the investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under the Freedom of Information Act, gives the first conclusive evidence that the US was narrowly spared a disaster of monumental proportions when two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina on 23 January 1961. The bombs fell to earth after a B-52 bomber broke up in mid-air, and one of the devices behaved precisely as a nuclear weapon was designed to behave in warfare: its parachute opened, its trigger mechanisms engaged, and only one low-voltage switch prevented untold carnage.

More at the link.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 31 Dec 2012 05:22 am

From ABC News:

Spoiler alert: This story contains words and phrases that some people want to ban from the English language. “Spoiler alert” is among them. So are “kick the can down the road,” ‘’trending” and “bucket list.”

A dirty dozen have landed on the 38th annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness. The nonbinding, tongue-in-cheek decree released Monday by northern Michigan’s Lake Superior State University is based on nominations submitted from the United States, Canada and beyond.

“Fiscal cliff” was at the top of the list.

I’ll tell you what phrase I hate hearing: “Not a problem.”

I especially hate it when I buy something at a store, thank the clerk (who really should be thanking me) and he replies, “Not a problem.” Well good, I’m glad it wasn’t a problem for you to sell me something so that you still have a job.

If someone says, “Thanks” then the proper reply ought to be a simple, “You’re welcome” or maybe, “My pleasure.”

Okay, enough crumudgeonism from me for one day.

I’m spending the day reading and should have some reviews up later or tomorrow. I don’t want to dwell on depressing news (such as the big push for a new “AWB”) as the New Year rolls in.

Have a happy and safe one, folks.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 21 Dec 2012 04:53 am

The reviewers at io9 have their list up.

Any opinions about that? I just got a $25 dollar Amazon Kindle Gift Card today from a friend and would love some suggestions.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 17 Dec 2012 04:30 am

Dealing with a family member’s mental illness must be one of the toughest things in life. From the Huffington Post, one mother’s disturbing tale.

Does it seem that there are more mentally ill these days then, say, 75-years ago and that there’s more fatal violence from them? It’s not the presence of guns, which have been around forever. Is it chemicals in food? The increase in broken families? The scrapping of the Ten Commandments? What?

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 26 Nov 2012 03:05 am


The Daily Camera newspaper reports that since the University of Colorado’s Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses began segregating dorms for students with valid concealed-carry permits this year, not a single student has asked to live where guns are allowed.

Since they would have to be 21-years-old to have a valid CCW permit, and at that age they are (probably) already seniors living in apartments or frat houses, it’s not all that improbable. Or, just that nobody wants to be ‘the first’ or maybe declare that they are carrying, or have a stealable gun in their dorm room. . . .

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 17 Nov 2012 05:17 am

This is kind of a sad story but has a good ending. From the Sky Valley Chronicle:

A King County sheriff’s deputy shot at a man holding a ‘gun’ made out of Legos Thursday in Duvall, officials said.

Luckily, the deputy missed the man, who had been waving what appeared to be a black handgun at passing cars and who, officers learned later, was developmentally disabled.

From another source, a picture of the ‘gun.’

From 20-yards away, it could easily look like a real gun and the man pointed it at the deputy.

If you read the first-linked story, it is shocking that a caretaker of the mentally ill man was standing nearby and said nothing when the confrontation took place. He should be fired.

Anyway, this gives me a chance to direct you to a review I did some time ago of LEGO Heavy Weapons for your pleasure. Just don’t build one and wave it at passing cars.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 05 Nov 2012 08:04 am

Over at io9, a reprint of their 2009 post, Science Fiction’s Presidents Of The 21st Century.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 27 Sep 2012 04:01 am

At the Daily Caller, 10-Things that Make a Tactical Knife.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 15 Sep 2012 03:02 pm

. . . Because you can’t have too many best-of lists. This one is from io9.com.

Topping the list is 28 Days Later which I haven’t seen.

Second was the classic, Night of the Living Dead which I did see, actually have the VHS video of, but haven’t watched it in — maybe — 30-years. I do remember the last line of the movie, something like, “Nice shooting, bud” as the survivors in the shack kill the not-dead sheriff.

Most of the others I haven’t seen either as I’m not THAT big a fan of the genre. The all-time original, White Zombie starring Bele Legosi was #10.

Number 13 on the list was Re-Animator which I DID see in the theater and was also a favorite of mine. Still, that was also a long time ago. Isn’t that where “Pin-Head” came from? Or am I confusing it with another long ago seen horror movie?

*Sigh* It’s tough getting old and forgetting this stuff.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 06 Sep 2012 06:58 pm

From some unnamed poll, Airplane has been voted the funniest movie ever. I actually don’t have a problem with that. I loved the film and saw it in the theater five times. Yes! Five times! I loved it so much I kept taking friends and family to it.

Second in the unnamed poll was The Hangover — which I never saw — and third was the first Police Squad, which was very funny indeed and, of course, came from the same crew that made Airplane.

No other results from the mysterious poll were given but how could Blazing Saddles not make the final three?

This post is here because I needed a break from politics and gun control. I’m sure that I will recover by tomorrow morning.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 21 Aug 2012 04:24 am

There’s no way to really condense the story line so just read the article here.

I know one thing: If I pay for and take an NRA certified course, I expect more than a photocopy of an NRA certification as reward. I want an original certificate.

UncategorizedJeff Soyer on 16 Jul 2012 06:37 am

But they’re fake ones. From MSN:

Bond girl Berenice Marlohe has revealed she used to pose with her own guns in her mirror long before she landed her part in Skyfall.

The French beauty has been preparing for her role as the mysterious Severine all her life, admitting: “I always felt I should know how to look with one… So I’ve stood a lot in front of the mirror with them.”

Before filming Skyfall, she jumped at the chance to finally shoot real ones. Can we agree that women who like guns are sexy? Or sexier?

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